How To Dry Makeup Brushes Fast – All The Tricks You Should Know

How To Dry Makeup Brushes Fast

Are you looking for the easiest way to wash and dry your makeup brush? Well, congratulations. You are among the few people who actually care about their skins and do the best to protect it. Here is a universal truth that most of the people do not wash the makeup brush regularly.

Believe me or not, dirty makeup brushes are unhygienic and can be the reason for skin problems. So, you should keep your brushes clean. But most of us do not know the techniques of cleaning or how to dry makeup brushes fast. Well, do not worry. In this article, I am going to share all the methods and tricks to clean and dry your makeup brushes.

How to Wash Makeup Brushes

You will find many methods of washing your makeup brushes. But here is the easiest way to do that. 

1.First of all, wet the brush bristles with lukewarm water. 

2. Take a few drops of the makeup brush cleaner on your palm. 

3. Now gently massage the bristle with the cleaner in your palm.

4. Rinse the bristle with running water. 

5. Squeeze out the excess water from the bristle with a clean towel. 

6. Adjust the brush head into the original shape.

7. Let the brush dry for several hours. 

If you do not have several hours to wait for the brush bristle to dry, stop stressing out. I am going to share how to dry makeup brushes fast in the next section. 

How to Dry Makeup Brushes Fast

If you do not dry your makeup brushes properly, bacteria may grow into them. And that can cause many skin issues. Many people do not let the bristle dry properly and use them anyway. For them, here are the tricks that will let your makeup brushes dry fast and properly. 

✔️ Take your bath towel and lay it flat on the ground. Place your brushes horizontally on the towel, maintaining a distance. Always keep half of the towel empty. You can use a normal towel or paper tissue for this too. 

✔️ Now fold the empty half of the towel over the bristles. This way you can get some water out of the brushes.

✔️ To make the towel absorb more water, press gently on the head of the towel for 5 to 6 seconds. 

✔️ After that, keep the brushes lay at the edge of the towel. This way, the air can circulate around the bristle thoroughly. It will be better if you can turn on the fan. 

Alternative Method: The Quickest Way to Dry Makeup Brushes

Here is another effective technique that will help you to dry your makeup brushes fast. After washing the brushes properly, squeeze out the extra water. Then hang those kits with a cloth hanger upsidedown. 

You can use rubber bands or hair ties to attach the brushes with the hanger. Make sure the bristles of the brushes are facing down. This way, air can circulate thoroughly, and the shape of the bristles remain unchanged. Turn on the fan to get the best and fastest result. 

Best Makeup Brush Drying Rack

I have already mentioned that you can dry your makeup brushes by hanging them with a cloth hanger. Obviously, it is not a professional way to do that. If you are a stylist or use makeup more often, then I suggest you buy a makeup brush drying rack. 

Here are the advantages of using these brush drying racks: 

✔️ The racks have more than one hole for inserting multiple brushes.

✔️ Each hole is of different sizes so that you can insert any type of makeup brush. 

✔️ The rack can hold the brushes facing downward.

✔️ These racks are handy, cheap, sturdy, and useful. 

Amazing Makeup Brush Cleaners 

Now you know to clean and dry your makeup brushes. It is important to choose the perfect cleaner to wash the brushes. The imperfect cleaner can damage the bristles. 

There are many types of brush cleaners available on the market. Recently the dry makeup brush cleaner has gained huge popularity. These cleaners remove the residue makeup pigments from the bristle without damaging the original shape of the brush. Using these will be the fastest way to clean your makeup brush. 

If you do not want to use any readymade brush cleaners, I have just the solution you need. Here, I am going to add the recipes of best natural makeup brush cleaners. 

✔️ Cleaner made with vinegar and lemon: This is the simplest and most effective brush cleaner. Take a bowl of hot water, add two tablespoon of white vinegar and a few drops of lemon juice. Mix everything and your natural cleaner is ready.

✔️ Baby shampoo: Remember when your parents used to wash your hair and body with baby shampoo because you are too sensitive? Well, do the same with your makeup brushes. Take a bowl of warm water and mix a few drops of baby shampoo in it. Now you can clean your makeup brushes with the solution.

I hope by far you have understood the technique of how to dry makeup brushes fast. Not only that but now you also know the recipes of making brush cleaners and how to wash the brushes properly. So, take your dirty makeup brushes and make them like new today.