How To Wear Makeup In A God Honoring Way: Tips And Tricks

How To Do Makeup In A God Honoring Way

“Wearing makeup in a god-honoring way”, don’t these words seem heavy to you? Does the Bible even permit the makeup of women? What happens if you still wear foundation or lipsticks? Would it be a sin?

I know as a good Cristian you have a lot of questions in your mind. And don’t worry I am not going to debate over this topic. I will just give you tips on how to wear makeup in a god-honoring way. What is a God-honoring way of makeup? Let’s find out.

How To Do Makeup In A God Honoring Way

As I grew up in a Christian family, my grandma used to forbid me to wear any makeup. According to her, applying any kind of makeup to enhance your outer beauty is a sin. Because God has emphasized flourishing inner beauty.

Recently, a video has created a lot of contradictions as it claimed there could be a god-honoring way of doing makeup. People have mocked the opinion, some believed, while some have eliminated the thought of it. Well, god and makeup are two different things. And mixing them up will be an act of a fool.

I have researched this topic a lot. And finally, I came to a single thought, which is, “The god-honoring way of wearing makeup is to wear like no makeup at all.” Or at least you have to show it that way.

How To Do Makeup In A God Honoring Way

Now let’s move to our main part, “how to wear makeup in a god-honoring way”. Here are some tips that will give you a godly look:

1.Do Not Overdo Your Makeup

Why do people think makeup is a bad thing? It is because some girls overdo their makeup, which hides their natural beauty. Or in a sense, it modifies the god-given beauty of yourself. Even though in some cases, you can not disagree with this statement, I have a different opinion. I personally believe, if you can apply and blend the right amount of makeup, you will look more natural and glowing.

Instead of going for a stunning look, wear makeup to polish your existing beauty. We shave our legs or pamper our hair to freshen up our appearances. And this is the same with makeup. Wearing a little makeup to hide our dark circles, black spots, is not big of a deal. Rather this makes us more natural and beautiful.

2.Wear It In A Girly Way

What is a girly way to wear makeup? Well, there obviously is away. God has created male and female keeping different things in mind. Ladies are more beautiful and there is a softness in their look.

If you can maintain the natural femininity in your look, the god-given beauty will flourish even more. I have met girls who wear makeup to look seductive and sexy. That should not be your purpose. In the Bible, these types of women are looked upon. And so, you must avoid that look at any cost.

3.Avoid Dark Eyes

Have you noticed all the evil looks require dark and heavy eye makeup? This gives a vibe that something messy is going on. That is why you have to avoid wearing any type of eye shadows that hampers your natural god given look. If you ask me I would suggest not to wear those eyelash extensions or stripes.

Rather play with your natural eye color. Medium brown colored eye shadows go with all eyes. Swipe it from the lash line and go towards your crease. Blend it using a brush and avoid any harsh demarcation line. You can also for the upper lashes only, keeping the lower lashes bare.

4.Go For A Classy Look

How do you feel when you see a girl with heavy makeup, colorful eyes, and dark lipstick? Not all women can carry their look and that’s where the problem begins. If you wear too much makeup, it can end up being trashy. Sorry for the words, but it is true.

So what to do? Choose the colors that match your skin tone. Do not use glossy lipstick, eye shadows, or lashes. Rather go for an elegant and more sophisticated look.

5.Hide Your Flaws

How will you define a godly makeup? For me, when you use makeup just for hiding your flaws and polishing your appearance, this is a God-honoring way of wearing makeup. The less is more when we are talking about godly makeup. Do not hide the innocence and purity of your face behind those thick layers of makeup. Rather conceal the flaws only.

6.Lipsticks Are Not Bad

Well, there can be a debate on this topic. While some believe wearing lipsticks is a sin, others claim God is not that cheap minded. I personally believe wearing a light shaded lipstick will do no harm.

Here is a tip for wearing lipstick in a God-honoring way. Do not apply the lipstick directly from the tube. Instead, apply it on your fingers first and then press it on your lips. This way your lips will not look dry and chapped.

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What Is The Purpose Of Wearing Makeup?

When we are talking about enhancing outer beauty, we must find the purpose of wearing makeup. While most people think women do makeup just to impress boys, the case is quite the opposite if you ask them. A statistic shows that 3 out of 5 women wear makeup just for themselves.

There is no harm in polishing your appearance, right? If your intention is pure, God will not be angry with you. However, as I have mentioned do not overdo the makeup. Always keep a classy and light look.

Some of us go crazy for makeup and do not even care how toxic the chemicals can be. Our skin pores need breathing. Makeups can clog the pore and harm the skin. So, keep your look as light as possible and do not buy cheap products.

How to wear makeup in a God-honoring way? I guess there is no exact answer to that. But the closest answer is keeping it as light as possible.