Sugar Free Diet Plan: Things You Must Know Before Starting

sugar free diet plan

Are you one of those people who happen to have sweet teeth? No matter how much you try, you can not cut sugar from the meal? Well, the intake of sugar can be really addictive. But on the other hand, excessive sugar consumption is harmful to health. Researches have proven that consuming sugar has a direct link to heart disease, obesity, diabetics, high blood pressure, and so on. 

As a result, cutting sugar from the diet can help you lose weight and live a healthier life. If you are looking for a sugar free diet plan, this is just the article you need. You will get to know the benefits and effects of sugar on your body. You will also find the tips and tricks to follow a sugar detox diet with a meal plan.

Everything about sugar:

Most people have a general idea about sugar in their heads. They think the white grains we use for drinking tea is the only form of sugar. But that’s not it, and not all kind of sugar is equally dangerous. 

The most harmful sugar is refined sugar. This sugar is different from the natural one and gets absorbed in the bloodstream more rapidly. It can cause unhealthy spikes in the insulin level, which eventually increases the risk of diabetics. 

Here is a list of refined sugar you must avoid if you are on a sugar free diet plan

  • Corn syrup 
  • Brown sugar
  • Evaporated corn juice 
  • Processed sugar
  • White flour 

sugar free diet plan

Besides the refined sugar, there is one more type that is not harmful at all. This is called fruit sugar. But depending on your health and sensitivity. You may have to avoid adding this one too on your sugar elimination diet plan.

Effects of sugar on your health 

Many of us think sugar is very unhealthy for our bodies. But that is not the case. If you can limit the consumption, you can still enjoy your favorite dessert and stay fit. 

On the other hand, if you intake excessive amounts of sugar, you may suffer from certain diseases. Such as: 

  • Heart disease 
  • Chronic inflammation 
  • Cavities
  • Type 2 diabetics 
  • Obesity 
  • High cholesterol 
  • Fatty liver 

However, our brain needs glucose, which is a form of sugar, to function properly. So, if we suddenly stop intaking anything sweet, you may face some side effects. For example: 

  • Headaches 
  • Gastrointestinal distress
  • Brain fog
  • Exhaustion 
  • Irritation 
  • Mood swing 

Though cutting sugar from our diet helps us lose weight and stay fit, you must consider the side effects before starting the sugar free diet plan.

What Is A Sugar Detox Diet

Sugar detox or no sugar diet is quite popular among health enthusiasts. Before preparing a diet plan, you must know what a no sugar meal is. In simple words, it means to cut off any type of sugar source from the diet. To maintain this diet, you may have to remove candy, soda, fruits, vegetables from your meals.

This type of diet has certain advantages. You can learn about the no sugar diet benefits from bellow: 

  1. It will stop the premature aging of the skin. And so, you will get a radiant, glowing face. 
  2. The risk of heart diseases will decrease. 
  3. This type of diet lowers the chance of type 2 diabetics. 
  4. Brain functionality will get better.

1. Sugar free diet plan food list 

If you are going to plan a sugar free diet, you must pick the food items carefully. Consuming the wrong food item can doom your whole diet plan.

Sugar free diet plan food

2. Sugar free diet plan for weight loss 

Though the meal plan totally depends on your taste and food choice, here is a moderate diet plan. 

Breakfast: Boiled eggs/omelets, Avocado or sauteed vegetables with olive oil dressing. 

Snack: Nuts or seeds. 

Lunch: Grilled chicken or fish with steamed veggies. 

Dinner: Baked fish or lean meat, Vegetables with olive oil dressing.

Dessert: Dark chocolate or whipped cream.

3. Top sugar free diet recipes 

Cooking sugar free dishes is not as hard as it sounds. You can prepare your diet meal within one hour with the ingredients available at home. For your convenience, here are some diet recipe ideas that will bring a variety in your taste. 

Egg poached with spicy tomato sauce: You can cook this dish with the items available in your pantry. Mix your spicy tomato sauce with garlic and other spices. Then toss eggs, capsicum in the sauce. You will need 10-15 minutes to prepare this dinner. 

Pecan crescent cookies: These cookies are buttery and creamy. The stuffed almond and coconut make a blast of flavors inside your mouth. 

Vegan coconut slowball cookies: These are the perfect combination of coconut and chickpea brine. The finishing touch of the maple syrup makes the dish more mouth watering. 

Cucumber salad with lemon dressing: This item is absolutely sugar free. Sliced cucumbers with the lemon dressing work as a perfect side dish.

Chocolate avocado mousse: If you are looking for a dairy and sugar free dessert item, you can definitely add this one to your meal. The deadly combination of chocolate and avocado will satisfy your cravings for sugar. And the most exciting part is, the dish is effortless to prepare.

4. Tips for maintaining a sugar free diet plan

Many of us fail to finish the diet we start just because you do not have any plans. Here are some practical tips that will help you to take your no sugar diet journey smoothly. 

  • Prepare a full meal chart.
  • Do not cut the sugar at once. Instead, reduce the consumption with time. 
  • Read the product label of anything you buy. 
  • Avoid the food items that contain sugar.
  • Drink a lot of water. 
  • Add protein and fiber to your meal. 

Consuming excessive sugar is bad for anyone’s health. If you are concerned with your health condition, start following the no sugar diet from today.

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