How To Dry Makeup Brushes Fast: Drying Hacks That Actually Works

How To Dry Makeup Brushes

I don’t know about you, but I really feel it annoying to clean my makeup brushes. Look, I know these are the keys to our gorgeous and stunning looks. If the brushes go uncleaned for a long time, bacteria, fungus, and mold start growing on them. But cleaning the brushes is not less than a hassle.

Moreover, drying the bristle is more challenging. You have to maintain the shape and dry it evenly. What if you get the perfect methods on how to dry makeup brushes? Will you clean the brushes more often?

In this article, I will give the ultimate hacks on drying makeup brushes. Also, I will add how to clean the brushes the easiest way possible.

How To Dry Makeup Brushes Fast

Washing and drying makeup brushes is time-consuming. But if you ignore it, your skin will be at stake. Even though you should wash your brushes every time you use them, a weekly clean will also work. However, there are methods to dry your makeup brushes:

1. First of all, wash all the makeup brushes using a proper cleanser. Then rinse them under lukewarm water and sort them for drying.

2. To dry the makeup brushes fast, you have to use a clean towel. Either the paper towel or the bath one will work. For the best result, experts advise going for the big cloth bath towel. Because it can absorb moisture and you can spread all the brushes on it.

Spread out the towel on your counter and place all the brushes in the middle. Do it in such a way that half portion of the towel stays empty. Keep one or two inches gap between the brushes. Set the brushes in a flat position. If they stay upright, it will lead to a dry root inside the handle.

3. Before hanging the brushes for drying, you have to eliminate as much water as you can. Fold the towel and cover the bristles of the brushes. To get the water out of the bristles, press over them gently with your fingers for 5 to 6 seconds. This way the towel will absorb moisture from the bristles.

4. Set the brushes at the edge of the counter. The handle should be inside the towel, while the bristle will stick out of the edge. If the bristle stays on the damp surface, it will be harder to dry them and it is unhygienic.

This is why the bristles stick out from the edge. The air circulation will dry the brushes in no more than 4 hours. Touch the bristles to check if they are wet or dry.

How To Dry Makeup Brushes: The Alternative Method

How To Dry Makeup Brushes

Drying makeup brushes by hanging them is also very popular. Why won’t it be? This technique is pretty much effective. You can do it in many ways. But first of all, wash all your brushes and rinse under the running water.

You can use either a hanger or makeup brush drying rack for this purpose. If you are on a budget, a hanger will do the work. Attach the bottom of the brush handles using a rubber or ribbon to the cloth hanger. The bristle should be facing downward. Otherwise, the shape will be damaged, and air circulation will be hampered.

Hang the hanger from any place you like. But make sure there are adequate passages of air. The fastest way is to set a fan under the bristles. This way the brushes will dry faster,

Makeup brush drying rack has gained much popularity recently. You can get one from the nearest makeup shop. These holders are designed to hold all types of makeup brushes. Insert the brushes into the holes by keeping the bristles upside down.

When you hang the brushes upside down, you get two advantages. First, the air can circulate the bristles. And second, the water does not seep into the handles. Place a towel under the rack so that your table or floor does not get damped. Also, you can arrange a fan beside the holder. This will dry the brushes even faster.

How To Wash Makeup Brushes

Do you know how to clean makeup brushes properly? Well, do not worry if you have less knowledge. I am going to tell you the exact and most effective method here.

You can wash the bristles using different tactics. Most people prefer cleaning makeup brushes with soap and water. This is easy and convenient. Here is a step by step process of it:

1. Hold the brushes under running lukewarm water. The bristles should be facing a downward direction. Make sure the water is not getting under the metal clasp of the handle. This will damage the adhesive. However, you can not use hot water for this cleaning session. Instead, prefer warm water.

2. Keep separating the bristles from time to time. Wash it gently and rinse until the old makeup comes off the bristles.

3. Take a small bowl and fill it with lukewarm water. Pour shampoo or makeup brush cleaner into it and mix both properly. You can use liquid soap as an alternative to shampoo. This step is very helpful if you have a solid brush.

4. Now dip the upper bristles into the mixture and keep swirling. Do it carefully so that water does not cross the metal clasp. After a minute, remove the bristle from the mixture. Massage the bristles gently with your fingers to loosen up the dirt and makeup.

5. Again, rinse the brush under lukewarm water. Repeat the whole thing a couple of times or continue until your brush is clean again.

6. Once your bristles are clean, it is time to dry them. I have discussed how to dry makeup brushes in the upper section.

After drying any makeup brush, fluff the bristles a bit. And the brushes will be ready for use again. You have to clean the foundation and powder makeup brushes at least once a week. For the eye makeup brushes, you can go bi-weekly. And for other brushes, once a month cleaning will work.

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