How To Crack Your Back

What Is Back Cracking

Are you also a victim of back pain? People across the countries bear back pain because they sit all-day. Sitting for a more extended period makes your joints and muscles stiff.

You find different measures or medications to cope with lower back pain. You could see a single solution that is cracking your back and how to crack your lower back. It does not mean cracking by fracture but stretching the back. The sudden air passage in the synovial fluid of the joints responds, and the cracking sound appears.

What Is Back Cracking?

When you hear about back cracking, firstly, you will ask what it is? The popping sound appeared after stretching your joints. The popping sound is only because of the carbon dioxide gas fill in with the joints.

Suddenly you urge to crack your back because of gas-filled in the joints, and you may start feeling tightness or pain.


There is no proof to crack your back is a healthier option. You opt for it because of the tightness or stiffness you feel.

      • Reduce muscular tension.
      • Support in muscular relaxation.
      • Stress reliever.
      • It helps to emphasize the posture.
      • Reduce the chances of lower back pain.

Any science does not prove these benefits.

Ways To Crack Your Lower Back

You can easily crack your back anywhere with these easy methods.


How to crack your back by yourself is the method of rotation.

      • You are still at work sitting on the chair.
      • Place your right leg over the left leg.
      • You are bringing your left elbow on the right knee.
      • You should rotate your upper body to the right side
      • Now hold the posture for about ten seconds.
      • Come back to the starting position.
      • Repeat it with the other side.

Cat Arch

Another posture for cracking

      • Place yourself in a tabletop position.
      • Make an arch by moving your stomach and back upwards.
      • Gradually move your stomach and back downwards to the floor.
      • Set yourself to an original state.
      • Repeat the process five times at least.

Knees Towards Chest

This is a considerably popular type of stretching position.

      • Lay down with the back straight.
      • Grab your knees towards the chest.
      • Hold the position until you will apply pressure on your back.
      • Grab the other side knee and hold it for 30 seconds.
      • Do it at least five times twice daily.

Lower Back Twist

Rotate your lower back to pop up the sound of a crack.

      • Lay down straight on the back.
      • You bent your knees.
      • You should move your hips to one side and face looking to the opposite side.
      • Shoulders are still.
      • Hold the position for fifteen seconds.
      • Move to the other side
      • Gradually come back to the original state.

Making A Bridge

It helps to strengthen your hips and glutes.

      • Lay down straight on the floor.
      • You make your knees bent.
      • Move your hips off the ground with feet up as well.
      • Make a straight top from shoulder to knees.
      • Hold it for ten seconds.
      • Repeat it five times.

Kneeling Back Extension

The best form of stretching for spine issues.

      • Start in the tabletop position, knees bent and hands facing downwards with shoulders apart.
      • Move your body forward.
      • Stretch your arms forward and hips touching the ground
      • Wait for five seconds.
      • Extend your arms and move your hips towards heels.
      • Wait for five seconds.
      • Come back to the original position.

Foam Roller Stretch

It is another position of stretching while using a foam roller.

      • Lie down on your back.
      • You bent your knees with the foam placed under the shoulders in a horizontal position.
      • Spot your hands at the back of your head.
      • Push yourself with the help of heels back and forth, moving the foam roller.
      • You can either roll it along your neck towards the lower back.
      • It gives you relief instantly.
      • You can rehearse it multiple times as you are comfortable doing.

How To Crack Your Back Standing Up

Trying different stretches, but the lower back feels like it needs to pop but won’t. You can do the upright positioning now.

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Lumbar Extension

The position stimulates the back muscles.

      • Stand-in upright position with feet wide apart.
      • Place your both hand on the top of hips facing downwards.
      • Raise and mean your sound upwards.
      • Hands should apply the pressure on the back.
      • Hold the position for fifteen seconds.
      • You can further move your hands on the middle of the back with the same procedure.

Stretching Upwards

It is the warm-up stretching before the yoga session.

      • Stand straight with feet length apart.
      • Place your hands on your head.
      • Lift your feet with the sound in an upward direction.
      • Exert your head on your hands.
      • Hold the position for twenty seconds.
      • Remember, you inhale and exhale.

Spinal Twist

The easiest method of cracking your back.

      • Stand straight.
      • Move your arms forward.
      • Move your upper body to the right side.
      • You are Coming to the original position.
      • Then shift your body to the left side.
      • Please do not move your hips and feet.
      • Repeat it ten times at least or until you hear a pop.

Back Extension

Back extension is performed to relax your muscles after a workout.

      • You are standing in a straight position.
      • Create a fist with both hands and place it at the back of your spine.
      • You are pushing towards the upside on the spine with your hands.
      • Kneel backward to crack it.
      • You can place your hands on different points to stretch your back.

Is It Safe To Crack Your Back

You can crack you back at home, but if you feel pain, stop it. The cracking sometimes might be caught injuries like a muscle pull, tear a ligament as well.

Cracking your back is not safe sometimes. If you are in discomfort, then visit a doctor or professional chiropractor to find an issue. Until it’s better to do some recommended stretches for instant relieves.