Highly Effective Hair Loss Treatment for Women

hair loss treatment for women

There is nothing scarier for a woman to lose hair. It is common to lose some hair after a certain age for women. Yet, if you are starting to lose a lot of hair often then it is an alarming sign. You should take steps to prevent hair loss.

Most women go through hair loss in their life and it is pretty normal. According to the AAD, it is okay if you are losing 50 to 100 strands of hair per day. One of the common forms of hair loss for women is thinning all over the head. You can also experience bald spots which are a form of hair loss. You can experience a loss of a handful of hair in the shower. 

The good news is that many treatments are available for hair loss.

hair loss treatment for women

What can cause Hair Loss?

Before knowing about Hair Loss Treatment for women, it is important to know about the causes of hair loss. We have listed some of the common causes that can lead to hair loss in women

1. It can be hereditary

Your genes can be the reason behind your hair loss. You can get this from your parents. It is seen that often daughters of parents who lost their hair early are going through the same problem. 

2. Hormones Imbalance

Some specific hormones can cause hair loss in women. One such hormone is the male hormones androgen. It is believed to cause hair loss by TE and androgenic alopecia. The hormones production in women can increase for several reasons. Some of the reasons are childbirth, menopause, ovarian cysts, or maybe taking birth control pills. 

3. Certain Medication

You would be surprised to know that some forms of medication can increase hair loss in women. Hair loss can be an unwanted side effect of those medications. 

You should consult your doctor if you feel suspicious about your medication. If you notice hair falling after intaking some certain medication then you need to visit the doctor.

4. Stress can be harmful 

Stress is a very common cause of hair loss. Stress changes the hormones in your body and makes you lose your hair quickly. It is seen by many research that people who experience stress lose their hair quickly. 

hair loss treatment for women

5. Excessive use of chemicals

You might not realize but much of the harm to your hair is done by you. When you are trying out a new hairstyle and coloring your hair and bleaching them, there are many unwanted side effects. Those things can be damaging to your hair.

Excessive blow-drying too can cause damage to your hair. You should also not flat iron your hair. Make sure you are taking proper care of your hair so you can stay away from hair fall.

6. You are not getting proper vitamins

Vitamins are essential to prevent hair loss. Some of the vitamins that are required for your hair are B6 and B12. Vitamin A, B, C, D, and E are all essential for your hair. You would also get benefit from iron for your hair growth. 

Some very effective hair loss treatment for women

Many treatments are available for treating hair loss. Some of them can work after hair loss and they are centered on hair regrowth. Some of them are directed towards preventing hair loss from ever happening. While some of them help mitigate hair loss when it is happening.  

1. Eat a balanced diet

You can prevent hair loss by simply including the food items in your diet. These food items would contain the necessary vitamins and minerals that your hair needs for proper growth.

Some of the foods that you can include in your diet are egg, nuts, fish, and meat. You can also add fruits that are rich in vitamin D like orange juice. 

Your diet can play a vital role in preventing hair loss from ever being an issue in your life. Start planning a diet today that can help you prevent hair loss.

2. Use Suitable Shampoos

Shampoos are very important for preventing hair loss. They can also be helpful for hair regrowth. Shampoos with high moisturizing abilities pave the way for hair regrowth in most cases. Many anti-dandruff shampoos are available in the market. Most of them contain ZPT which is an essential ingredient to remove dead cells from your scalp.

After the dead cells are removed the condition in your hair is perfect for new hair to grow. Because of regular shampooing, you can get rid of the itchy and dry scalp that leads to further hair loss.

hair loss treatment for women

AS we mentioned above some hair loss can be a result of hormone imbalance. DHT which is a derivative of testosterone can be a major reason for hair fall. There are some shampoos available in the market that are rich in DHT-Blocking agents. 

3. Get rid of stress

Stress is a very common factor that is often associated with hair loss. You need to reduce stress in your life if you are dealing with hair loss.

There are some popular ways to get rid of stress or at least minimize them. One of the most common ways is to do more physical activity. You can also start joining the gym. After doing exercise your mind would be more relaxed and would feel more positive.

Another way to reduce stress can be to go on a trip with your friends and family. Taking regular breaks from time to time can help you reduce stress from your life.  

4. Minoxidil

One of the FDA approved medications that can prevent hair loss is Rogaine. The generic name of this drug is Minoxidil. Minoxidil for women is like a blessing for treating hair loss.

Many types of research have been done on this drug and it has proven to be effective. It has been found that Rogaine is applied in the scalp it helps in increasing the growth cycle of the hair. 

It can take over 2 months for users to see significant results. It should be applied twice a day to see results. There can be some side effects of Rogaine.

5. Hair Transplant

Hair transplant is commonly seen more in women compared to men. Women start losing hair all around the scalp, unlike men. 

hair loss treatment for women

Hair Transplant can be an expensive treatment. The procedure involves taking hair follicles or skin for a part of your scalp. The part of your scalp is chosen with more hair growth. 

Hair follicles taken are directly placed on the parts of that scalp where you are losing hair. You would need to consult a doctor before considering this as an option. 

6. Acupuncture

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese treatment that is used for many health disorders. It can also work for preventing hair loss as well. Needles would be inserted in the pressure points in your body.

This technique is very effective in reducing hair loss as claimed by many people. Significant research has not been done though to back up these claims.

7. Stop using chemicals

Most women don’t realize that they are doing this to themselves. Hair loss can be an effect of putting excessive color in your hair that is harmful to your hair. You should only use trusted products that are not harmful to your hair.

Bleaching your hair is not a good idea if you value your hair. Bleaching your hair can lead to serious damage to your hairs which would result in hair loss.

8. Keep your hair free

There are many hairstyles for women which can require the hair to be tied in braids. Tightening your hair together would make your hair roots weak which would eventually lead to hair loss.

Try to keep your hair free as much as possible. Avoid hairstyles that require you to tie your hair too tightly. 

9. Light Therapy

Light Therapy could be your answer to hair loss treatment for women. It has been found that a low amount of light therapy which is mixed with the application of rogaine can bring very fruitful results for many women.

Light therapy may not be beneficial in case of hair loss on its own entirely. It is believed to be able to multiply the effects of other hair loss treatment for women.

hair loss treatment for women

10. Use Platelet Rich Therapy

Plasma Therapy can also be an effective solution for hair loss treatment in women. It is a very expensive treatment. 

PPP therapy works by separating the blood contents. The objective of this therapy is to extract the plasma from your blood samples. This is done with the help of a machine called the centrifuge machine. 

The plasma is used later for hair growth. Though it is not cheap, this is a proven therapy to fight against hair loss.

11. Hormone Therapy

As we have mentioned above, hair loss can be caused by the hormone imbalances in our body. Hormone Therapy can be used to bring hormone balance back to our bodies. It is a very effective therapy to treat hair loss.

Some of the reasons for hormone imbalance can be menopause, pregnancy, and other changes in the body of a woman. Birth control pills can be effective to bring back the level of estrogen in your body. You can also use other hormone replacement therapy. 

12. Take Cortisone Shots

Most women can be afraid of cortisone shots as they hurt. But they are proven to be effective against hair loss. 

Cortisone shots help in preventing hair thinning. They are also responsible for blocking hormonal activity. The patients who have anti-inflammatory scalp diseases can get many benefits from these types of treatment. 

13. Let air drying do the trick

Blow-dryers, while can do the job quickly, can cause a lot of trouble to your hair. Hair is sensitive to high pressure and heat and blows dryer do just that to your hair. Thinning hair on top of a female head can be prevented by letting your hair be free. 

Avoid using both hairdryers and irons to make sure that hair is safe from any kind of threat. 

hair loss treatment for women

14. Apply effective oils

Many different types of oils are proven to be very effective against hair loss. You can apply those oils every day to prevent hair loss.

Some of the natural oils that are very effective for treating your hair are coconut oil, olive oil, Grapeseed oil, and many others. These oils supply essential nutrients to your hair and make them stronger.

It is beneficial if you do them regularly and not just once a weak. Different kinds of oils are more suitable for you depending on the type of your hair. Do your research well before deciding on the oils you want to use for hair loss.

15. Massaging you scalp

Massage can help you feel relaxed. Many people like getting a hair massage just because of how amazing it can make you feel. It also does have another benefit. Daily head massage is a very effective hair loss treatment for women.

You can do it while you are shampooing your hair in the shower or you are applying oil in your scalp. It is useful because it helps in the regulation of blood blow in your scalp which results in faster hair growth.

16. Use Root Spray

Root Spray is one of the easiest ways to take care of your hair. You can keep root spray in your purse whenever you are out also and instantly apply them to get rid of hair locks.

Consult A Doctor often : 

Consulting a doctor is an essential step that you need to take to prevent hair loss. Your doctor can tell you in advance if you need to go through any treatment. If you can detect the symptoms early then it gives you a much better chance to protect your hair.

Hair is an essential part and is often the symbol of beauty for most women. Every woman wants to treasure their hair and do what is best for their hair. To prevent hair loss you should start taking all the necessary steps as soon as possible before it is too late.

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