Rose Gold Hair- Change Your Look With The Latest Trend

Rose Gold Hair Dye for Dark Hair

If you are a fashion enthusiast, you know how hair trend changes from time to time. Now rose gold hair has been the latest trend for girls to change their looks completely. But if you think there is only one color option in this hair color, then you are wrong.

There are nearly 30 different color variations on the rose gold hair dye. So if you want to dye your hair with the best match among the rose gold color, you can get the chance. Today, we will share a few stunning options of the rose gold hair dye for dark hair and light hair.

1. Wine Rose

If you are confused about what rose gold hair color you should choose then you can go for wine rose. Wine rose color is the color that can give you a dazzling look you have been wanting for a long time. You won’t ever regret coloring your hair wine rose.

Wine rose hair color is tried and loved by many celebrities. The wine rose hair color can just boost up the whole look. Besides, the wine Rose adds a spicy look to your personality. And if you still are not sure about this color, then go ahead and look for some more hair inspirations!

2. Muted pink waves 

Muted pink waves are just perfect for a cutesy yet classy look. Many celebrities have tried the muted pink waves and left everyone awestruck with its charm. The light pink color with the waves is just everything. If you have wavey hair and if you are brown undertone, this will just magically suit you.

Muted pink waves uplift your personality on their own. If you have darker hair then the color might take longer to get right. But in the end, it’s worth it. As the muted pink gives your personality a classy vibe, it is liked by all the professional hairstylists.

 3. Washed out watermelon   

Are you a pastel color lover? If yes then must try the washed-out watermelon. Washed out watermelon is a graceful pastel pink shaded hair color. This sweet color of washed-out watermelon goes perfectly with layers and streaks.

The pastel look of the washed-out watermelon matches flawlessly with anyone’s look. This hair color can give your hair a rich look that everyone would love. So what’s stopping you from getting this amazing color done on your hair?

 4. Bronze streaks 

Bronze streaks are one of the most elegant hair colors ever. You should certainly go for Bronze streaks if you have blonde hair. Bronze streaks are part dusty and part smokey with an amazing mix of pink.

Many hairstylists have tried bronze streaks on themselves and look magnificent in that color. Bronze streaks can suit anyone’s personality so perfectly. The streaks are so classy yet so bold. So, if you want an elegant hair color then do not wait and go for the bronze streaks.

Rose Gold Hair Dye for Dark Hair

5. Rich rose 

If you are one with a bold personality who loves bold colors then you will love this color. Rich rose is the color that will gain you compliments from others. Rich rose suits brunettes the best as it creates a rich dark pink color that compliments their whole personality.

Rich rose hair color always ends up being so amazing on darker hair. A rich rose can add the boldness you want to your look. Besides, it matches any kind of outfit so you can easily put it on yourself.

6. Rose gold curls 

Rose gold and curls are a wonderful combination. While the curls are bold, the rose gold color adds delicacy to it. Your curls can get a lift by the rich rose color. When a natural blonde base combines with the pretty hint of pink they turn out into these amazing rich rose gold curls.

If you already have natural curls then you can dye your hair rose gold to pop your beautiful curls up and make them look more elegant. The color makes the curly hair shiny and irresistible.

 7. Temporary tint 

If you have been wanting to try a shade of pink color then you can try the temporary pink. The temporary tint will give you an elegance that everyone would admire. Many celebs went for a temporary tint and rocked with the look.

The temporary pink on dark hair gives off a cool vibe. Temporary tint only works in hair if it’s lightened up properly. It looks amazing on a smooth texture to show off the shine. This amazing shade of pink hair brings out the best of you.

8. A glimmer of Rose 

Do you want to keep up your natural look while dying your hair pink? In that case, You can try the glimmer of rose. The glimmer of rose maintains your natural look while giving a pinkish vibe.

A glimmer of rose goes best with blonde hair giving it a barely-there pink color.

Many people want to keep up with their natural color or want a light color then they can go for a glimmer of rose. The blonde highlights combine with rosy red highlights and create this beautiful color

9. Magenta 

Do you want a dark color that would perfectly suit your hair? You can go with magenta in that case. Magenta is the coolest form of rose gold hair that you can get. Magenta is a darker shade of pink with more boldness. This hair color just spices up everything.

The beautiful dark shade of magenta gives you a spiced-up look that is admired by all. People who love the bold and dark color have tried magenta and absolutely loved it. So if you want something to spice up your personality, go ahead and try magenta.

10. Reverse Rose Gold Balayage 

There is no other hair color as elegant as the reverse rose gold balayage is. The rose gold has so many shades to try, this style just proves it. Reverse rose gold Balayage starts with dark at the top and then fades into golden pink and finishes with platinum ends.

Reverse rose has a bonus as its roots are a dark color, you don’t need to keep refreshing your hair. It will grow out naturally on its own. So don’t hesitate to go with this color, it will make your hair look more elegant and leaving everyone else awestruck.

Are you looking for some unique and beautiful hair color combinations? Then you must try out the pink-hued ringlets. Graceful curls with some amazing colors combined are something that anyone would admire.

In this style, some of the curls are peachy while others have a gorgeous lavender tint. The colors in the hairstyle bring more grace to your curls. And if you have natural curls then this hairstyle is totally recommended for you. You will never regret trying the pink-hued ringlets.

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Wrapping up

We have reached the end of your discussion on the rose gold hair for you. Hopefully, now you have already decided on which one to put on yourself. Surprisingly, each of these hair colors is trending now though there are numerous other options as well.

If you want to get trendy with looking classy, rose gold hair dyes are the perfect style pick for you. These colors look good both on straight and curly, wavy hairs. So, you are getting an option for every type no matter what type of hair you have.

Do not forget to match your undertone with the color that you are going to try on. All the best!