How Long Does It Take To Lose Belly Fat

What Causes Belly Fat In Females And Males

Who doesn’t dream of a celebrity figure? What to do about the tire bulges out in the abdomen?

The bulge does not look attractive to the eyes. It makes your entire look chubbier. You are tired of this fat in your lower abdomen. It is challenging to lose belly fat, as well.

The most asked query on the internet; how long does it take to lose belly fat? No one has a precise answer.

Types Of Fats

There is a certain amount of essential fats needed in your body. Therefore there are two types of belly fats:

      1. Subcutaneous belly fat
      2. Visceral belly fat

Subcutaneous Belly Fat

Subcutaneous belly fat is the right type of fat present underneath the skin. It gives your body a healthier look.

It creates:

      • muffin tops,
      • belly pooch,
      • back fat, and many others.

This type of fat is hard to lose and won’t harm your body as well.

Visceral Belly Fat

Visceral belly fat presents deep inside the skin, which forms a layer of fats around the organs. If not treated, it can be harmful like:

      • High blood pressure,
      • Cholesterol,
      • Diabetes of both types.
      • Heart disease.

Visceral fat is easy to lose with the right diet plan and exercise. You only need some effort.

What Causes Belly Fat In Females And Males

There is no specific reason for the cause of belly fat. It depends on the structure and height of a person. If you are short in stature, you should be lean because the more you look fat.

Some other reasons for belly fat are:

      • Genetics
      • Obesity
      • Hormonal issues
      • Junk food
      • Physical activities.

How Long Does It Take To Lose An Inch Off Your Waist

No specific time or criteria is present about the time of losing belly fat. Neither can you choose a spot reduction to lose weight.

You have to lose your overall body fat to lose an inch from your waist.

      • All you heard is about 3500 calories, equal to one pound.
      • To lose that one pound, you need to burn those 3500 calories.
      • If you make an estimation, cut off the 500 calories per day to shed one pound.
      • It means 1 pound in a week, and you can shed approximately 4 pounds a month.
      • If you gain a heavier muscle mass than fat, it won’t show on the scale. Instead, you look leaner.
      • Males tend to lose weight faster compared to females.
      • Remember a pro tip, one pound a week. It means a month or two is required to notice a difference in squeezing your waistline.

How Yo Start Your Weight Loss Journey

Nothing in life can be achieved with a blink of an eye; it takes time. You can achieve your goals with two necessary steps to add up to your lifestyle.

      1. Calorie deficit
      2. Burning calories

Calorie Deficiency

It is the type of calories that you eat according to your weight. The more you eat, the more you burn. There are some tips you can pursue to cut down extra calories from life.

Say No To Fizzy Drinks

Yes, you heard it right—a big no to fizzy drinks. Who doesn’t enjoy a chilled glass of soda in the summers? But to achieve something, you need to do this.

      • Try opting for water instead of drinks.
      • If you can not drink plain water, make some detox water by adding any fruit to your bottle. For example, cut lemon and cucumber into your water.
      • Stop enjoying cappuccinos. Go for black coffee, black tea, or green tea.
      • No to alcohol.

Cut Down Sugar And Processed Food

Sugar is another main component of food that tends your body towards obesity. Processed food is higher in calories. Say no to both of them.

      • Drink sugarless tea.
      • Say no to desserts.
      • Choose fruits over baked items.
      • Bake potato chips instead of packet chips.
      • Grill your food rather than frying it.


Try to eat food full of proteins. Add up the right quantity of proteins in each meal. It will help you not lose the mass muscle instead of belly fat. Protein options are:

      • Eggs
      • Meat
      • Chicken
      • Fish
      • Lentil

Add any one of them to your meals to make them high in proteins.

Eat-In Portion

Eating everything in the right portion is the best trick to a calorie deficit.

      • Always take a smaller plate for your meal.
      • Do not eat unhealthy carbs.
      • Fill your half plates with vegetables and salads.
      • A handful of proteins.
      • And quarter the plate of carbs.
      • Slowly chew your food as it helps to keep your tummy full.

Food Calorie Counter

If you could not understand things quickly, you can opt for calorie counter apps. It helps you to calculate the calorie intake.

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Walking And Running To Burn Belly Fat

Besides keeping a check on your calorie intake, you have to burn those extra calories instead of exercise.

      • Walk to your office.
      • Choose to walk to the park instead of driving.
      • Take a step on the stairs rather than using elevators.
      • Make a small round after every meal.

Track Your Goals

How can you track the journey you are up to?

      • Weigh yourself once a week.
      • If you could not see any difference in your waist, then measure it with tape.
      • Try old clothes that do not fit you.
      • You look leaner in some fitted shirts.

What Exercise Burns The Most Belly Fat

The exercises that target the core helps to lose belly fat faster.

      • A High-intensity workout for thirty minutes thrice a week.
      • Yoga stretches in the morning.
      • Weight training to create muscle mass.
      • Aerobics two times a week.

You can not only target belly fat; instead, you have to lose the body’s overall weight. You can not achieve a flat stomach overnight. Hence you have to opt for healthy habits to gain your goals.