A Complete Guide To Full Body Workout For Women At Home

Full Body Workout For Women

You believe me or not, nowadays, a woman has a lot on her plate besides her job and chasing her dream. So, freeing up the busy schedule to do workouts is a bit tough for her. And also, when you subscribe to a gym, the trainer first suggests focusing on one or two body parts. But that takes a long time to get the desired body, right? So, what can you do? 

The best option is to go for full body exercises. In this article, you will get to know the benefits of full body workouts for women. You can try those exercises for weight loss, muscle strengthening, or building a solid core.

Benefits of Full Body Workouts For Women 

Full Body Workout For Women

As I have said earlier, you need to invest more time in working out if you focus on one body part at a time. But with the full body workouts, you have to spend less time in training. There are several benefits of a full body workout. For example: 

  1. These workouts increase the muscular recovery rate from the previous workout session. 
  2. You need to head to the gym only twice or thrice a week for full body workouts. 
  3. These exercises are the best for fat loss. 
  4. You will find different plans for full body workouts. As a result, you will not get bored while doing these.

How to do a full body women’s health workout plan

If you have decided to go for the full body workouts, then congratulations. Now the first thing you need to do is plan a fitness routine. Most women do not understand the importance of making a workout plan. And so, in the middle of the journey, they mess up everything. 

Now the question arises, how you can make a fitness plan for a full body workout. Here are your answers: 

  • Set your goal. 
  • Set your frame to achieve the desired body.
  • Think about how much time you can invest in the workout. 
  • Decide where you will workout. 
  • Select the workouts according to your preference and physical comfort. 
  • If you are getting trained under an expert, then follow the fitness routine he recommends.

How often should you practice a full body workout? 

What is the ideal time frame for full body workout for women? It totally depends on your priority and how much time you are ready to invest in the workout. For example, if you are doing simple exercises that do not sore your muscles, continue the workouts for 7 days. 

If you are doing heavy and intense workout and get sored, then 2 days a week is okay for you. If you are new to power lifting and all, then 3 days a week is perfect for you. Depending on the comfort and expertise level, you can go for the 4 days a week or 5 days a week workout plan. 

The best thing about the full body workout is you will not fall behind even if you miss one day of workout. This routine gives you the freedom to re-shuffle your exercises to fill the missing day.

7 Full body workouts for women at home:

Many women think it is mandatory to head to a gym for a full body workout. But that is not it. You can do it at home. All you need is to select the most effective exercises and practice those for 30 to 45 minutes. 

7. Bird dog:

The bird dog exercise will warm your body up for the next intense session. It targets your abdominal, thigh muscles, lower back, and gluteal muscle. Do each set for 30 seconds and take a 5 second break between two sets. 

Full Body Workout For Women


  • Place your hands and knees on the ground in a tabletop position. Your knees should be about hip width, and hands should be about shoulder width apart. 
  • Now lift your right hand off the ground and point it out straight forward. Similarly, extend your left leg behind you. Your hand and feet should be in a line. Make sure your hips are parallel to the ground. 
  • Raise your legs and hands only as high as you can. Hold the position for a couple of seconds and return to the starting position. 
  • Now continue the process with the opposite legs and hands.

6. Glute bridge:

Glute bridge is one of the most effective full body workouts for female beginners. From the name of the exercise, you can guess which body parts it focuses on. Practice the glute bridge for 30 seconds and then take a quick rest of 5 seconds between two sets. 


  • Lie on the floor on your back and place your hands at the sides. 
  • Bend your knees and lie the feet flat on the ground under your knees. 
  • Squeeze your abs and glute muscles. Then lift your hips off the ground and create a straight line from the knee to shoulders. 
  • Now tighten your core and pull your navel towards the spine. Stay in the straight position for 20 to 30 seconds or less and get back to the neutral position. 
  • This is one rep and continues other reps by following the same steps.

5. Body weight squats:

We all know how important squats are. When it comes to a full body workout for women, the routine is not completed without squats. The squats target the core, thigh, hamstring, abs, upper and lower back, butt, etc. Also, the main benefit of this exercise is you can do it anywhere anytime. 

Bodyweight squats


  • Stand straight, engaging your core and keeping the feet hip width apart. 
  • Keep your knees bent and hips back so that your thighs can be parallel to the ground. Maintain a straight back the whole time. 
  • Hold the position for 20 to 30 seconds by squeezing your glutes. Then return to the starting position.

4. Deadbug: 

For a stable core and strong back, the dead bug can be at the top of your list. 


  • Lie on the mat facing up. 
  • Extend your arms towards the ceiling in such a manner that they stay at a perpendicular position to the torso. 
  • Lift your feet from the ground and bend your hips. Keep your legs in a tabletop position. 
  • Press your lower back to the ground and keep your spine neutral and stable during the exercise. 
  • Drop your right arm behind your head and extend your left leg out straight. Make sure both your arm and leg do not touch the ground. 
  • Return to the starting point and continue the exercise with the opposite arm and leg. 

A 30 seconds of dead bug with 5 seconds break will be perfect for a full body workout for women.

3. Bent over dumbbell row:

This exercise is one of the best full body exercises for muscle building. It mainly targets the upper and lower body. Also, the bent over dumbbell rows protects your abs from straining. 


  • Stand with holding dumbbells in each hand and keep your feet slightly wider than the hip width apart. 
  • Bend at 45 degrees into a lower squat position bracing your abdominals. 
  • Now lift the dumbbells straight up, keeping the arm height lower than the shoulder. 
  • Slowly lower the dumbbells. Stay at the bending position until all the reps are completed. Remember, there will be no leg movement throughout the exercise.

2. Squat to overhead press:

If you are planning for the female full body workout for weight loss, then add this exercise to the list. The overhead press will totally tone your body by burning down the extra fats. 


  • Start the exercise by standing with your feet, maintaining a hip width distance. 
  • Hold the dumbbells in each hand. Bend your elbows and keep the weights closer to your chest. 
  • Engage your core by taking a deep breath and go into a lower squat position. At the same time, lift your arms with the dumbbells up in the air and lock your elbow. 
  • Lower the weights slowly and get back to the starting position. 
  • Continue the exercise for 30 seconds with a 15 seconds break between each rep.

1. Dumbbell wood chop:

Dumbbell wood chop is a core exercise, and there are many varieties of it. You can do it with cable if you want. 

Dumbbell wood chop


  • Stand by planting your feet about hip width apart. Keep your core engaged and hold one dumbbell with both your hands. 
  • Make your thighs parallel to the floor by crouching. Keep your back straight and position the weight close to the right thigh. 
  • Lift the dumbbell diagonally with a straight arm and twist your torso to the side. 
  • While lifting the weight, you need to stand up and turn to your torso. This way, you will end up facing the dumbbell, which is above your left shoulder. 
  • This is one rep. Continue the exercise for 30 seconds with a break of 15 seconds. 

Plank, jumping jack, and pushups are the most common and effective exercises. Do not miss them while planning the full body workout for women

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