How To Apply Makeup For Brown Skin: 6 Easy Steps For The Beginners

How To Apply Makeup For Brown Skin

Personally, I feel brown skin is sexy and bolder. But let’s admit the main hassle here. You have to struggle a lot to find the perfect makeup products that go with your shade and tone. Sometimes, even if you have the proper kits, you just can’t make it to the perfect end.

To free you from your worries, here I am with the tutorials and tips on how to apply makeup for brown skin. You can name many drawbacks about brown skin. But trust me, the combination of bright colors and shimmery tones look super flattery on brown skin. Without wasting any more time, let’s dive into the tutorial.

How To Apply Makeup For Brown Skin

How To Apply Makeup For Brown Skin

The perfect makeup offers extra confidence and glamour. No matter if you want a “party” or a “go-to” look, the basic makeup tutorial is almost the same. So, here I will compile the most effective way to apply makeup on brown skin:

1. I always suggest starting makeup on fresh skin. Pre-cleanse your face with lukewarm water and then wash the whole face properly with a suitable cleanser. Rinse the foams with clean water and pat a soft towel on your face. It is important to select the perfect face wash for your face. Consider your skin type while making the purchase. After cleaning your face, moisturize it with a non-greasy, light moisturizer, or you can also use a lip bum.

2. Using the right foundation shade is inevitable in the makeup for brown skin tone. While choosing the foundation, you have to keep in mind your skin type, tone, and shade.

Here is the easiest way to choose a foundation according to your skin type:

    • A shiny face, easy breakouts, large pores indicate oily skin. A matte foundation will be perfect for this skin type.
    • Red patches, small pores, flaky skin indicate dry skin. A cream foundation will do wonders in this skin type.
    • Properties from both these types indicate a combined skin. In that case, go for the foundation that offers you the best shade and service.

Matching the skin type is not enough. You have to look for the perfect undertone of your body. Undertones are basically the bases of your body. Do not worry if you are unaware of your undertone. Because I am going to tell you how to determine anyone’s undertone right now.

Well, there are 3 types of undertones. Such as:

    1. Warm
    2. Cool
    3. Neutral

Undertone test: Look at the veins of your hand. You will observe any of the following colors:

    • Greenish
    • Blueish
    • Green-blue

The greenish veins mean you have a warm undertone. Similarly, the blueish refers to a cool, and blue-green indicates a combined skin tone.

Here is a problem with undertones. Sometimes, a girl can get two undertones or complex undertones. What will you do then? In that case, it is better to try different color shades of foundations. Sometimes, you can blend two colors and get the perfect combination for you.

3. Before applying the foundation, prepare your face for the makeup. I have discussed how to prepare your skin for makeup in the first step.

Now take a foundation brush and apply the powder on your skin consistently to smoothen it. Putting foundation only on the tip of the brush will prevent it from oversaturating. Also, rinse the brush under running water once you are done.

When you are using a liquid foundation, shake the bottle before using it. Also, always start applying the foundation from the center of your face. Then slowly blend it out and cover your whole face. Use a blending sponge for buffing. Buff around your neck and jawline to get a good finishing.

4. When someone asks me how to apply makeup for brown skin, I suggest emphasizing each part of the makeup. For example, to get a gorgeous look, you have to do your eyes perfectly.

In this makeup tutorial for beginners, I want to point out a very important tip. Never be afraid to choose the bold eye shadows. Shiny and glossy colors look more like a jewel on brown skin. To get a dramatic look, blend two colors, and make a complement one.

You can get a subtle and natural eye look by adding a neutral and nude color to the list. This will also highlight your eyes. However, whites and other light neutral colors are recommended to avoid. Why? Because these colors make your eyes look darker.

Want to try something fun? Use metallic jewel-toned or shimmering eye shadows. This will give you the perfect look for a party or hangouts. Try out the golden or bronze family metallic shadows as these colors add a rich contrast to your brown skin.

To get a flawless look, use eyeliner and mascara. These products will make your eyes look bigger and more soothing. For brown or dark skin, brown or black eyeliners do a great job. Beauticians suggest going for gel eyeliners as they are easy to use and give a more subtle look.

5. You can still highlight your cheekbones even if you have brown skin. Use the bronzer as your blush and it will do the trick by adding a little extra color.

However, I have mentioned earlier that you should not walk out from using a bold and bright color. These colors go really well with the brown skin tone. But where to put the blushes?

For a round face, the cheekbones are the right choice. Similarly for the heart-shaped and long-faced, applying blush below the apples will do the magic. Lastly, do not forget to blend the bronzer and the blush.

6. It is easy to do lip makeup for medium-dark skin. You can either go for the bright colors or a natural color that goes with your skin tone. No matter what, finish the lip makeup with a shiny and glossy look.

Now you know how to apply makeup for brown skin. You can try brown skin makeup with these 6 steps, even if you are a beginner. Instead of purchasing matte products, fill your makeup kit with bright colors.

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