How To Apply Clown Makeup Like A Professional

How To Apply Clown Makeup

No matter if it is Halloween or some local fancy dress competition, clown makeup always hits the show. Even though it seems challenging to face paint a clown design, trust me, it is not. You can easily do the clown makeup if you know the tricks. Well, you can struggle to find a suitable clown design for you as there are many variations available out there.

Once you learn the basics of clown makeup, you can paint any design you want. But how to apply clown makeup like a professional makeup artist? If you share the same question, then this article is for you.

Things you Will Need for Clown Face Makeup

Each costume has a particular type of makeup. And to reach perfection, you will need some kits. The clown makeup kits are available in most retailers. But if you want, you can buy individual kits from different shops. Here are the supplies you will need to paint a clown face:

        • Makeup brush set
        • Any talcum powder
        • Greasy black paint
        • Greasy red paint
        • Greasy white paint

Besides these supplies, you would need relevant clothes and accessories too. Such as black or red curly hair and a lousy old shirt- pants will give the traditional clown vibe.

How To Apply Clown Makeup

Before getting into the advanced makeup techniques, let’s learn the basics of clown makeup. The best thing about this makeup is, you can do the transformation at home. It will only require a few tricks and half an hour to make your face unrecognized.

Here is a step by step process of applying the basic clown makeup:

      1. Start by washing your face with a proper cleanser. You can pre-cleanse your face with lukewarm water. This will remove the dirt and soften any previous makeup. However, after cleaning your face with warm water and face wash, do not forget to moisturize it with a suitable moisturizer.
      2. For clown makeup, greasy paint or oil-based makeup is always preferable. Beauticians claim that the grease paints can highlight the look more perfect.
      3. Apply the white greasepaint all over your face. If you are going for simple clown makeup, then put the paints on specific areas like the nose, mouth, and eyebrows. We will talk about the simple clown makeup in the next section. Use a brush, sponge, or finger to spread the makeup. Make sure the blending is perfect and there is not bare skin.
      4. Now you have to curve the clown smile with a different color. Using red greasepaint is the most popular option. But you can go for other colors like blue, yellow, golden too. Use the same color to draw the blushes on the cheek and nose. You can unleash your creativity and draw a goofy grin.
      5. Use the black grease paint to highlight the eyebrows. You can extend other areas using black makeup. Beauticians recommend creating exaggerated shapes like the half-moon above the natural brows.
      6. Everything is so oily, right? Right now, your face is the shiniest thing. Of course, you can not go out like this. To eliminate the greasy effect of the makeup, the experts use the powder soaking trick. Take a tube filled with talcum powder, knot it, and pat it gently over your face. The powder will soak the oiliness and dry the makeup instantly.
      7. Finally, use a brush to dust off the excessive amount of powder from your face. Spray liquid water to set the clown makeup.

These are the basics of how to apply clown makeup.

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How To Make A Simple Clown Face

How To Apply Clown Makeup

Knowing the basics will do the work. But if you want to get into details, then this art is dedicated to you. Here is a step by step process to face paint a simple clown face:

      1. Take a wide makeup brush and dip it into the white paint. Paint a thick arch over your eyebrows. Make sure to extend the arc bottom to your eyelids.
      2. Paint an outline around your mouth with white color. Use a narrow paintbrush to do that. However, the outlined curve should look like an exaggerated smile. Fill the outline with white paint, but leave your lips.
      3. No joker is complete without the red cheeks, nose, and lips. Dab light ruby red on your cheeks with a damp sponge. Use a narrow paintbrush to draw a red circle on the tip of your nose. Also, use the same red paint to draw your clown lips.
      4. Use the black grease paint to draw an artificial eyebrow over the white arch drawn before. Draw vertical lines above and below your eyes using the same black paint. Do not forget to put a thin black outline around the red lips.
      5. To bring a dramatic look, sab some red glitters on your nose. And you are done with your clown makeup.

How To Do A Scary Clown Makeup

How To Apply Clown Makeup

There are many variations in scary clown makeup. You can try any design you want. Here I am discussing the easiest way to face paint a scary clown look:

      1. Dab a thick coat of fresh paint on your eyebrows. Cover your eyebrows as much as you can and make sure the flesh paint matches your skin tone.
      2. Once the eyebrows dry, paint your whole face and neck with the greasy white color. Dab the color using a damp sponge. Do not leave any bare skin exposed.
      3. For the eye makeup, draw a pair of angry eyebrows over the natural one. To enhance the angry look, you can paint some frown lines at the inner edge of your eyes. Underlining the bottom of each eyelid will offer a more subtle look.
      4. Coat your lips with dark red paint. Draw a thin line using the same color starting from the corners of your mouth to the forehead.
      5. Now paint a red circle on the tip of your nose. People often ask me how to set clown makeup. The answer is with the powder and a spritz of water.

I have discussed the basics of how to apply clown makeup. Besides the classy and fancy makeup, you have to select the perfect dress and accessories for the clown look. You can try fake colored hairs and nose for the traditional look.