How To Make Your Hand Fall Asleep Fast At Home

How To Make Your Hand Fall Asleep Fast

Is singing a lullaby makes your hands fall asleep? Just kidding. When someone refers to a hand falling asleep, it means the hand is numb, not working properly, or the hand can not feel anything. Even if it sounds weird, some people want to numb their hands for various purposes. 

There are many ways to numb your hands. In this article, you will get the easiest methods on how to make your hand fall asleep fast. Also, I will discuss the treatment of numb hands. So, read on to this article to get full closure on this topic. 

How to make your hand fall asleep fast 

How to make your hand fall asleep fast 

Why would someone want their hands to fall asleep? This can be the question of many of you. Well, as a kid, this was one of my favorite plays. It used to give me control over my body. However, earlier, the doctors used the methods to anesthetize people. 

I have mentioned earlier that there are many ways to make your hands fall asleep. The key trick is to put pressure on your nerves and mess the blood circulation. Experts claim that the hand numbness occurs due to the blood deprivation to hands by applying major pressure on the nerve nexus that regulate blood supply. 

Here are 4 tips on how to make your hand fall asleep fast

    1. To make your hands fall asleep, you have to restrict the blood flow. The easiest way to do this is by sitting on your hands until you get the desired result. You can also do this by lying on your side placing the elbow on the same surface. Put your weight on the hand and sleep. After a few hours, you can not feel your hand. 
    2. Lavender infused water is a sleep promoter. Some people claim submerging hands in water can make hands fall asleep fast. 
    3. Stretch your arms out and maintain the position until you feel the numbness in your hands. 
    4. Sleep by bending your wrist either backward or forward. It will make your fall asleep by stopping the blood circulation. 

These are the effective tips for numbing your hands. You can of course follow other tricks, but I do not recommend the whole thing at all. 

Numbness in hands while sleeping

I guess many of you can relate to this situation when you wake up in the morning and can not feel your hand at all. Well, most times, this is not anything serious. This can happen due to your sleeping position. According to experts, if a person sleeps in such a position that compresses the nerves or blood vessels of hands, it will cause numbness. 

I have just mentioned that sleeping positions are the main reason why people feel numbness in their hands while sleeping. Here are 3 postures that make your hand fall asleep fast: 

    1. Sleeping on the stomach placing the hand underneath the head. 
    2. Sleeping on the sides by bending the wrists or arms in such a manner that the blood can not flow properly. 
    3. Sleeping on the back resting the head on the hands. 

If you need more tricks on how to make hand numb, you can simply follow these sleeping positions. The numbness will simply go away once you change the sleeping postures, relax, or massage your hand gently. 

Numbness in hands treatment

If your hand falls asleep because of deprivation of blood circulation, then the treatment is easy. You can try several tricks to stop the numbness. Check the following methods and see if any of these work for you or not: 

    1. Keep your wrists straight out from your arms. 
    2. Do not place your hand underneath your body. 
    3. Wear a splint wrist while falling asleep. This brace forces your wrists to stay straight. 
    4. Do not sleep on your hands placing the head over them. 
    5. Avoid sleeping in the fetal position. 
    6. Wrapping your elbow while sleeping can help you keep the arm straight. 

As these things will help you keep your hand straight and extended, there will be no restriction in blood circulation. So, your hand will work properly and you will not feel any kind of numbness in them. 

Can numbness in hands be serious? 

Waking up with a numb hand is pretty common to everyone. Relaxing the hand for some moments can ease the situation. But do you know sometimes this indicates damaged nerves? 

Here is a brief discussion on the serious side of numb hand conditions: 

Carpal tunnel syndrome 

Carpal tunnel syndrome or CTS is a nerve condition. This can cause numbness or tingle in the hands. Sometimes, the patient may feel pain in their fingers. 

The treatment of this condition is available. You have to maintain your lifestyle in the first place. Here are some home remedies for CTS: 

    • Rest the affected hands for at least 2 weeks. 
    • Wear wrist splint or brace. 
    • Practice gentle finger, wrist, and hand massages. 
    • Apply heat to reduce the finger pain. 
    • Add extra materials to the tool handles so that you can hold them easily. 
    • Massage the affected arm, wrist, and palm. 
    • Ice packs can reduce swelling. 
    • Wear gloves while doing heavy work. 
    • Take prescribed medicines after consulting with a professional.

Thoracic outlet syndrome (TOS)

If there is a compression, irritation, or injury in the blood vessels of the lower neck or chest area, this is termed as TOS. This condition can affect your arms, hands, or wrists. The experts claim that the patient can feel numbness in his hand if he is suffering from the TOS condition. 

Thoracic outlet syndrome is curable. You can better the condition by, 

    • Maintaining a good posture
    • Avoiding carrying heavyweights
    • Losing bodyweight 

Diabetes mellitus 

This condition is related to the production of insulin and occurs due to high blood pressure. The disease can cause numbness and pain in the hands. Maintaining a healthy diet, regular intake of medicines, and simple workouts can help the patients get better. 

Final words 

You have learned how to make your hand fall asleep fast. Also, I have discussed how you can wake your hand from the numbness, and if the numbness is healthy or not. If you have any doubt in your mind, feel free to visit a professional nearby. 

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