Working Out Twice A Day Bodybuilding: How To Gain More Muscles

Working Out Twice A Day Bodybuilding

If you are not a gym freak, athlete, or related to any high-intensity sports, then this article is not for you. A regular or average gym guy has a limit of endurance. He can complete one or two heavy training at best. So, this working out twice a day bodybuilding scheme is only for the gym enthusiasts and professionals. 

But the question here is if this training program is safe for health or it can cause harm. By comparing the advantages to the disadvantages, this program will always benefit you if you are fit for it. So, without wasting any more time, let’s take a closer look at the twice a day bodybuilding plan. 

Working out twice a day bodybuilding: Pros and cons 

Working Out Twice A Day Bodybuilding

Regular workouts are definitely beneficial for health. But when it comes to twice a day exercise, there can be a few drawbacks. In this section, I will help you visualize the benefits and disadvantages of a two a day exercise. 


    • If you work out more, it means you will have a solid muscle in less time. According to a research journal, working out twice a day not only increases daily activities but also prevents heart and other coronary diseases. 
    • This intense workout session enhances your overall daily performance. 
    • When you double the daily workouts, it will definitely strengthen your muscles and accelerate the growth. 
    • As you will spend more time training your muscles, the sedentary time will be reduced. It will keep your mind fresh. 
    • This working out twice a day bodybuilding scheme will definitely increase your metabolism, protein synthesis, and anabolic output. 
    • You will also be able to squeeze in more volume. 
    • Finally, the biggest achievement of this program is that you can fulfill your goal faster than you have imagined. 


There is no doubt that regular exercise is beneficial for health. But what if your body can not endure the heavy training? There will be a huge backfire. 

Working out is a stressful event for the body. If you push your limit, it will surely tax your neuromuscular system. This will increase the chance of getting severe injuries. Also, you may suffer from sleeping deprivation and other issues. 

Sometimes, heavy workouts suppress your immunity system. If you do not give your muscles enough time to recover, this will cause muscle pull. So, here is the deal, do not try these heavy workouts if you are not a pro. The best option will be to ask your trainer. 

Twice a day workout plan

Working out twice a day is a traditional way for bodybuilders to sculpt their bodies. Even the trainers and experts believe splitting the exercises into two sidies is the best way to gain muscles fast. Here are two things you need to keep in mind while planning for this heavy training: 

  1. Practice this under the supervision of an expert or your trainer. 
  2. Provide enough time for muscle recovery. Otherwise, the training will cost you your health. 

Working Out Twice A Day Bodybuilding

Here is an exercise layout for you: 

Day 1:

Add the workouts that target your quadriceps and hamstring muscles. Usually, jogging, planks, and walking involve these two muscles. Some other workouts are:

    • Squats 
    • Glute ham raise 
    • Hack squat 
    • Leg extension 

Day 2:

The next day, you have to focus on your chest and shoulder. Usually, for bodybuilding, you have to go for weight training. Here are some suggestions for you: 

    • Barbell bench press
    • Ladder push up 
    • Cable pec fly 
    • Barbell military press 
    • Dips 
    • Triceps cable rope push up 
    • Pec minor dip 
    • Close grip minor push up 

Day 3:

On day 3, only target your shoulders. As you will only practice the single muscle workouts, add heavyweights to the training. The below list contains the best shoulder exercises: 

    • Cage press 
    • Barbell overhead press
    • Front raise 
    • Heavy lateral swing 
    • Push press 
    • One arm cable lateral raise 
    • Bent-over dumbbell lateral raise 
    • Standing barbell shrug 

Day 4: 

Dedicate your 4th day to hamstring and back muscles. This can be a tiring day for you as you have to cover the whole back workout. Here are some of the best workouts for building hamstring and back muscles: 

    • Dumbbell pullover 
    • Stretcher 
    • Barbell shrug 
    • Meadows rows 
    • Stiff leg deadlift 
    • Seated leg curl 
    • Reverse hyperextension 
    • Medium grip pullover 
    • Deficit deadlift 

Day 5: 

To build a solid chest and shoulder, you have to spend more time on them. When you are planning to target both the muscles the same day, do heavy chest workout and light shoulder workouts. Look below for suggestions: 

    • Incline barbell press
    • Dumbbell squeeze press 
    • Decline press-up 
    • Staggered press-up 
    • Reverse band bench press 
    • Arnold press 
    • Band pull apart 
    • One arm press 
    • Six-way shoulder raise 
    • Lateral raise 

Day 6: 

On the last day of your workout, focus on the arms, calves, and other abs. The best workouts for building triceps and biceps are: 

    • Crossbody hammer curl 
    • Biceps curl 
    • Incline concentration curl 
    • Skullcrusher
    • Seated calf raise 
    • EZ bar preacher curl 
    • Pallof press 
    •  Rope push down 
    • V-up 
    • Banded ab crunch 
    • Dip between bench 

Save the 7th day for muscle rest. You can transfer this plan into a 5-day program by combining the chest and shoulder days into one. 

Cardio twice a day

Practicing cardio workouts twice a day can help you lose weight. According to experts, this workout program has several benefits. Such as: 

    • Reduce cholesterol level
    • Maintain a standard blood pressure 
    • Increase insulin sensitivity 
    • Boost your energy and daily [erformances 

The trainers suggest practicing cardio for 30 minutes and 5 days a week. If you want to do intense cardio workouts, switch to 20 minutes a day and 3 days a week plan. 

Tips for working out twice a day gaining weight

I am sure you have professional trainers to watch out for your every step. As a concerned gym enthusiast, here are some suggestions from my side: 

    1. Keep a minimum of 6 hours break between the two workouts. 
    2. Save the heavy workouts for the day time. 
    3. Perform the tiring and long workouts earlier in the morning. 
    4. Make sure to drink enough water and eat nutritious food throughout the day. 
    5. Take a power nap during the day. 
    6. Always start slow. 

Final words 

Working out twice a day bodybuilding program is only for the professionals and athletes. To relieve your stress, you can roll on foam at night. Also, you can listen to soft music while exercising to boost performance.

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