How To Apply Cream Eyeshadow: 11 Easy Steps

How To Apply Cream Eyeshadow

For busy people applying a cream, eyeshadow can be a perfect choice. These looks are perfect for those who are a beginner. To use these eyeshadows, you don’t need any makeup artist. 

But you have to take professional advice from a professional artist. If you have tried on how to apply cream eyeshadow, this is the right place. 

We have collected some best instructions for all eye colors or shapes and skin tones. However, below we have given some quick tutorials as well as approved by the beauty editor. So, get your favorite selfie camera and be ready to take a selfie after this.

Usefulness Of Cream Eyeshadow:

How To Apply Cream Eyeshadow

If you don’t try cream eyeshadow ever, prepare to try it. These eyeshadows have so many benefits. Below we are trying to give about its services. Please read it carefully. 

Easy To Apply

Applying a powder eyeshadow isn’t easy, but cream eyeshadow applies effortlessly. 

Sweep it using your finger, and it will stay for the right time. With one pot, you get an eye-catching look.


To get long-lasting eyeshadow, before you can use a primer. So, after applying the primer, your powder will set correctly. However, it will last for a full day without any touch-ups. Also, before using it, find out the best cream eyeshadow for you.


Powdered eyeshadow produces lumber in any dry area. It also shows your wrinkles or fine lines. Well, on the other side, one cream eyeshadow doesn’t break your look.

These types of eyeshadow have natural oils and healthy vegetables. So, it’s creamy combination is hydrating. This creamy best drugstore eyeshadow for mature skin is healthy. Also, excellent for all dry skin and gives a smooth finish look.

Step By Step Guide On How To Apply Cream Eyeshadow:

How To Apply Cream Eyeshadow

Try to apply cream eyeshadow? Just follow some steps and apply creamy eyeshadow correctly. Also, you can use it with your finger or brush. 

It’s the most common part that you can use this eyeshadow with your finger. However, you can get perfect using the process on how to apply cream eyeshadow below

We hope all of these steps can be excellent tips on how to apply eyeshadow to the eye. So, keep in touch with our eyeshadow application guide at the end.

Step 1: Clean Your Eyes 

Before applying any makeup, cleaning is essential. When you apply night moisturizer, you want to entirely off your skin lids before applying makeup. 

Use a gentle cleanser or lukewarm water to clean your full face. Dry your face and make sure you do not irritate or rub your skin.

Step 2: Apply A Primer On Your Eyes 

If you want to skip this step before applying a gorgeous eyeshadow, don’t do this. A makeup primer can build a smooth look. It gives something that can help prevent creasing. 

Gently pat some primer on your finger and apply it to your eyes. It allows for a minute to soak the skin. This primer can help to give simple eyeshadow looks. So, you can follow these cream eyeshadow bases before using eyeshadow. 

Step 3: Dry The Primer With A Matte Powder

After applying your primer, you will dry your lids with a matte powder. Don’t use much; use it to get a dry base. Brush the powder with an eyeshadow brush carefully. 

Or, if you want, you can dab it with your finger. However, you should need an eye brush for cream eyeshadow to apply it correctly.

Step 4: Choose An Perfect Eyeshadow 

Though cream eyeshadow applies is something challenging but not impossible. So, if you are preparing for it, stick to nude shades. However, you can blend in with mistakes when you apply it. Don’t use waterproof varieties before you have some practice. 

Step 5: Apply Moisturizer 

Before using eyeshadow, you can apply moisturizer. So, follow the perfect routine for applying cream eyeshadow. Oil-based foundation or moisturizer has connected with the cream eyeshadow.

Step 6: Use Synthetic Hair Brush

Using clean fingertips can be the best from any makeup tool or brush. Use a synthetic brush as the best applicator for cream eyeshadow. However, a fiber brush can soak up your product’s moisture.

Also, it will prevent creamy application and ruin the brushes. So, choose a synthetic brush for any creamy lip product, foundation, or blush. 

Natural hair brushes typically are smooth, but synthetic brush hair is flat. So, you can easily manipulate any cheeky product. These brushes can help your shadow look on smoothly. 

Choose these types of makeup brushes over the fingertips. If you use fingers, it can generate ugly streaking. So, use the best cream eyeshadow stick and apply it quickly. 

Step 7: Focus On Your Color

Start by brushing in the center of your eyelid with your product. Combine your favorite color across the lid. Continuously apply your product with the brush until your satisfaction. Stop it after making sure you are covering your top on every corner.

Step 8: In Inner Corner Use A Lighter Cream Eyeshadow

Though this is the optional step, it can give your eyes a brighter look. Choose lighter eyeshadow cream to get full lid color. You can especially choose silver, gold, and white colors. 

Step 9: Fill Your Eyebrows

Without clean brows, not any makeup is complete. Employ a brow gel or powder carefully to fill in your brows where showing any extra hair. Make sure your brows look good then your makeup will complete.

Step 10: Use Cream Eyeshadow As A Eyeliner

To get a smooth look, skip your regular eyeliner, use a cream eyeshadow as an eyeliner. To use it, you have to use a small brush. Slowly apply the cream eyeshadow on your below lash line. Do it within a minute. For it, your eye looks polished and graceful.

Step 11: Apply A Mascara

Curl first your eyelashes with an eyelash curler. Then, apply the mascara to your lashes; after applying your mascara, end the steps. 

Final Word: 

Cream eyeshadow also works as a bright glitter. So, it is ideal eye makeup for all makeup lovers. You should apply with an elegant brush on your eyelids. Are you looking for how to apply cream eyeshadow? This article can help you. 

Please read our article carefully and create a fantastic look with a cream eyeshadow. This eyeshadow tutorial can be ideal for you. However, choosing the best cream eyeshadow for sensitive eyelids is most important. So, before purchasing the cream eyeshadow, please keep it on your mind.