20 Best Hair Loss Treatment for men that really works

hair loss treatment for men

Hair fall at an early age is a nightmare for most men. You can stop hair loss if you are smart about taking steps early when you detect hair loss. 

The problem is that there are so many hair loss treatment for men and most of them doesn’t work. But don’t worry about it because we have got you covered. We have researched for you and found 20 hair loss treatments that work.

hair loss treatment for men

Hair Loss Treatment for men

1. Take OTC drugs

These drugs are safe and are helpful for hair regrowth. Two of the drugs have been approved by the FDA which means they are safe for use. 

Rogaine: This drug is available as an OTC drug in both liquid and foam form. The generic name for this drug is minoxidil. You would need to apply the drug twice a day to get the desired result. Rogaine for men is a very common treatment to combat hair fall.

Propecia: It is also another FDA approved drug. It has shown many proven results for hair regeneration. If you want to take this drug you would need the prescription of a doctor. The generic name of this drug is Finasteride. Another alternative to Propecia is Proscar.

OTC drugs are completely safe and they are considered the best hair loss treatment for men at home.

2. Laser Treatment

When hair falls the follicles in your scalp are blocked because of inflammation. This prevents hair from growing again. Laser treatment is used to remove the blocks so hair can grow again.

Yet, there are not enough pieces of evidence provided to back up this claim. It is shown by research that laser treatment done in limited amounts are safe. The tests also proved that they can be effective.

We would tell you to proceed with caution. In the case of laser treatment as there are not enough data about this. 

hair loss treatment for men

3. Hair Transplants

Hair transplants are another proven method of hair growth. They are considered as one of the best hair loss treatment for men. The cost of hair transplants is often high. A hair transplant is a surgical procedure. You might need to visit more than once to complete the transplant.

There are two popular methods of hair transplant. They are described below:

Follicular unit transplantation: This method of hair transplant is very effective. In this process, the skin is removed from the back of the scalp where there is plenty of hair. The removed skin is then applied to those parts of your scalp where you are expecting hair loss to happen.

Follicular unit extraction: This method is done for hair growth in bald parts of your scalp. Hair follicles from the scalp of your head are removed. Then they are placed to the bald areas.

The hair transplant is a popular method of hair regrowth. They can be both expensive and painful. But they are effective in most cases.

4. Take care of your hair

There are many ways you can take care of your hair. You can stop coloring your hair, straightening your hair, and other types of harmful activities. Hair fall can occur because of this activity.

If you take proper care of your hair you can reduce the chance of hair fall significantly. You can put oil in your head regularly. A good head massage daily can do the trick. You can also shampoo your hair daily to keep your hair safe. 

5. Change your diet

If you are eating unhealthy then you should change your diet plan. Hair fall can be the result of an imbalanced diet. Foods like vegetables and fruits are very good for the growth of your hair. 

Your hair needs certain minerals and protein to grow. You need to choose foods that are rich in iron. You can also choose foods that are rich in proteins like eggs, seafood, and meats.

6. Say no to smoking

Maybe you have tried to quit smoking many times before. Now you have one more motivation to quit smoking which is your hair. Yes, smoking is also a cause of hair fall.

There are many kinds of research that linked smoking with early graying of your hair. It is a very good idea to quit smoking to prevent hair loss.

7. Try to not stress

Stress is very bad for your health. But did you know it is also a cause of hair loss? If you are in a profession that makes you stress, then it can eventually lead to hair fall. 

The good news is that there are many ways you can manage to bring your stress levels down. One of them is to exercise regularly. Exercise helps to calm your mind and release all the stress.

You can also listen to music. Listening to music lowers stress and anxiety. It can help to calm you down. You can also try Yoga and meditation to reduce stress in your life. 

You can take also reduce stress by reducing caffeine intake daily. Chewing gum would also help you to reduce stress levels. You can also try to spend more time with your family.

8. Consult your doctor

hair loss treatment for men

When it comes to hair loss treatment for men, you need to consider that many problems can be linked back to genetics. It is necessary to consult a doctor and get yourself tested. If you have some of the diseases like diabetes, lupus, lichen planus, alopecia areata, iron deficiency anemia, then they can cause hair loss. 

When you are diagnosed with any of the diseases the doctor can give you proper treatment. In many cases, consulting with a doctor early can prevent hair loss. You would notice improvements soon when you start the treatment.

9. Make sure that your head is sweat-free

It is very important to keep your head sweat free to reduce the chances of dandruff. Dandruff occurs more in oily hairs. Sweat can lead to the growth of dandruff in your scalp which can eventually lead to hair loss.

If you are a biker and you often wear a helmet then more sweat is adding up in your head scalp. There are ways you can make sure that your scalp is clean.

You should use a shampoo that has neem extracts as they are cool by nature and would remove dandruff from your hair. Also, try wearing a hat especially during the summer or in a place full of pollution.

10. Apply Oil in your hair regularly

Oils are generally good for your hair growth. There are many oils that are known for preventing hair loss. You can use Peppermint oil for increasing the growth of your hair. Rosemary oil is also known to increase the blood circulation in your body.

There are many other oils that are also known for the growth of your hair. Coconut oil, castor oil, and olive oil are some of the common beneficial oil for your scalp. 

11. Apply onion extracts in your scalp

This is a natural remedy to prevent hair loss. It is reported to be effective by many people. You simply need to squeeze the onion and collect the extracts.

Apply the onion juice in your head and let them stay there for two or more hours. Wash your head with shampoo later. The smell of onion in your hair can be a bit irritating. But it is a very good way to make your hair healthy.

12. Don’t brush when your hair is wet

You should not brush your hair when you are just out of the shower. Your hair is in a very vulnerable state when it is wet. 

You can also use your fingers instead of your comb. Another good thing to do is to not overdo brushing. Frequent brushing of your hair can lead to hair fall.

13. Make sure you are hydrated

Keeping yourself hydrated is one of the best ways to prevent hair loss. Hair mostly consists of water and eating water constantly would help you with your hair loss problem.

To make sure that the health of your hair is okay you should drink at least 1.5 to liters of water on a daily basis.

14. Stop doing things that are bad for your hair

It is easy to stop doing things that are bad for your hair if you know about them. There might be many things that can affect the growth of your hair. 

We already mentioned how bad smoking is earlier. Drinking also has similar effects on your hair growth. If you can limit the intake of alcohol daily it can help in the growth of your hair a lot.

You should also avoid products that can potentially harm your hair. There are many cheap branded products that can cause harm to your hair. You should ignore them and start using products that are organic. Your hair products should have all the essential minerals and oils for your hair growth.

15. Keep your medicines in check

There are certain medicines that can increase your hair fall. You should know those medicines and consult your doctor if you are consuming those medicines. 

Some of the most common medicines that lead to hair loss are heart medications, chemotherapy medications, gout medications, and many others. 

Your doctor can guide you about how you can prevent these medications to cause more hair loss. He might refer you to some alternatives that would reduce the hair loss.

16. Use Green tea

Green tea is a natural remedy for treating hair loss. You can get benefitted from green tea. One of the ways is by rubbing green tea bags in your hair. You would need to properly cool the green tea bags and then apply them to your scalp. It has been proven to show effects in many people.

You can also get results by simply consuming green tea daily. It can help you reduce hair loss. There are many other health benefits of drinking green tea. Preventing hair loss is an added advantage for your hair. There are many polyphenolic compounds which can be found in green tea that is very good for your hair. 

17. Increase Physical activity

We mentioned physical activity earlier which is a great way to reduce the stress level in your body. This is one of the ways physical activity can help you with your hair fall problem.

There is another way physical activity helps you reduce hair loss. When you exercise regularly the hormone imbalance in your body is adjusted. This helps to keep hair loss in check.

You should exercise regularly for a healthy lifestyle as well. You can get motivation from the fact that it helps in the reduction of hair loss.

18. Choose the right hairstyle for your hair

hair loss treatment for men

If you have long hair then you need to be careful with the hairstyle you pick for your hair. If you often braid your hair then it is not good for your hair. 

Keeping your hair free and loose is good for the growth of your hair. If you keep your hair tied often then it can cause stress in your hair. Eventually, it will result in weak hair follicles which would lead to hair loss.

19. Intake foods with more vitamins

Vitamins are essential for the growth of your hair. Vitamins are effective and natural hair loss treatment for men. Add nuts, eggs, and onions in your daily diet.

You can do some research to find out about the rich source of vitamins that are essential for hair growth. 

hair loss treatment for men

20. Read more about new treatment

It is important to keep up to date with the new inventions for reducing hair loss. There are new products that are being launched at regular intervals. Start knowing about them to find a see if they are a better cure for hair loss. 

Hair Loss for men at an early age is nothing less than a nightmare. Luckily, there are ways to prevent it and you should start doing everything you can today to stop hair loss. Proper care of your hair can save you from losing your hair at an early age.

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