How Much Does Mac Makeup Artist Make?

How much do Mac makeup artist make

Mac is a Canadian cosmetic brand that has gained popularity all over the world. A makeup artist position in Mac is the dream job for many beauty enthusiasts. As a career choice, there can be a lot of questions in your mind regarding the job. For example, how much do Mac makeup artists make? Or how you can apply for this job? Do you need a certificate to be a Mac makeup artist?

The salary of a Mac makeup artist depends on his/her skills and dedication level. A beginner may earn $6-$15 per hour as a Mac makeup artist. To get the job, you must have prior experience. If you do not know anything about the job or requirements, then do not forget to read this article to the end.

How Much Does Mac Makeup Artist Make?

I have already mentioned that the makeup artist at Mac is a dream job for many. Hearing this, the first thing that might come to your mind is, “Does a Mac makeup artist earn a lot?” Well, I am writing this section to clear your thoughts.

You already know that the salary of a Mac makeup artist totally depends on his/her makeup skills, creativity, demand, dedication level, and availability. Also, the salary can vary depending on the job location.

The mac makeup artist’s hourly pay can be as low as $6 to $30. If you are working as a freelance makeup artist, your payroll will be lower than the permanent ones. With an average skill and as a permanent artist, your hourly payment will range between $18 to $30. For freelance makeup artists, this payment ranges between $15 to $24.

In the United States, the approximate yearly payment for the Mac makeup artists is somewhere between $30k to $170K. In countries like India, South Africa, Dubai, the payroll will be slightly different.

For example, a Mac makeup artist’s salary in India is around 15k to 70k rupees per month. Similarly, the mac makeup artist salary in Dubai is AED2500 per month. So, you can imagine the skills a mac makeup artist requires to deserve this much monthly salary.

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How To Become A Makeup Artist At Mac

How much do Mac makeup artist make

“How much do Mac makeup artist make?” I have already answered your first question. Do you think the brand would offer that much salary to a newbie? Of course not. Each artist should have experience of at least 1 to 3 years. I will add the minimum requirements in the next section. Here, let’s discuss how to become a mac makeup artist.

Here are the tasks you have to perform to apply for a mac makeup artist job:

    1. Create a CV or polish the existing one. If you are in the professional world, you already know how significant the CV is. Highlight your previous experience as a makeup artist, any cosmetology course that you have done, or any reference from the superior. Adding customer reviews will make your CV stand out. Even if you do not have any experience, try attaching the certificates you have earned in your beauty school.
    2. As doing makeup is a practical job, the brand will obviously test your skills. To pass all the obstacles, it is better to practice before the final interview. Do mac makeup on your friends and families. You must have knowledge about how to do makeup on different skin tones and shades. Also, you need to learn how to eliminate any makeup flaws from the customer’s skin. This will work as a benefit for your job.
    3. You know the hiring process is upgrading and in some mac stores, the managers are asking for portfolios. Actually, personally, I prefer portfolios. This is a great way to show your works and experience. Manage photographers and shoot stunning makeup photos. Make sure to cover most types of makeup on different skin tones. However, you can also prepare a videotape or portfolio.
    4. Demonstrating a particular look within a given period can be challenging for many applicants. There is a high possibility that it will happen with the participants in the interview board. So, you have to be prepared for that. Practice a lot to do flawless and gorgeous makeup in a short period.
    5. Get proper knowledge about all the Mac beauty products.
    6. If you have the skills and your portfolio looks good, you may get the job as a Mac makeup artist. But here is the deal with the famous brands. They select smart people for jobs. While attending the interview, get in the best clothes and wear relevant makeup. Make sure the blend, selection, and finishing are perfect.

Mac Makeup Artist Requirements

How much do Mac makeup artist make

Now you know the basic steps that will help you apply or probably get your dream makeup artist job. Can anybody apply for the makeup artist job at Mac? This is a question of thousands of people. The answer is no. Not everyone is eligible for the post.

On each recruitment, the company sets some requirements that they are looking for. Here are the minimum qualifications you may need to apply for mac makeup artist position:

      • The applicant must be above 18 years old.
      • He or she must have a high school diploma or any certificate equivalent to that.
      • Certificates in the relevant field will be preferable.
      • The potentials must have experience in this field.

Well, these qualities and requirements change now and then. So, do not lose hope if you lack in any sector. Keep an eye on the latest recruitment and follow the workers. Also, do lots of practice to polish your skills.

Do You Need To Be Certified To Be A Mac Makeup Artist?

It is not necessary to be a certified makeup artist to apply for Mac. However, this brand offers a master class program to cosmetology and other students. They can learn more about this art from the Mac experts. But this program is only designed for the students. If you are already practicing, then you can not take the classes.

So, how much do Mac makeup artists make? You know the number and that is why this job is so desirable. If you want to apply for this post, work hard, and gain more skills. I hope you will be the next celebrity makeup artist of this decade.