How To Apply Makeup For Oily Skin: Full Makeup Tutorial

How To Apply Makeup For Oily Skin

It takes courage to think about gorgeous makeup on oily skin. But guess what, with proper tips and techniques, you can turn the sweaty makeup look into a shine-free and sweat-proof one. How?

Well, investing in oil-free makeup should be on the top of the list. Besides, you have to prepare your face well so that the makeup does not wear off with time. Want more tips? Read on to this article to get the secret tips on how to apply makeup for oily skin.

How To Apply Makeup For Oily Skin

To pull off a gorgeous look, divide your whole oily skin makeup routine into 3 segments. Such as prep the face for the makeup, apply the makeup and make the look sweat proof.

Prepare Your Oily Face For Makeup

Prepping the face is everything while you have oily skin. If you can follow the simple routine, your face will get more compatible with the makeup. And eventually, you will not need much makeup to fix your sweaty look.

Clean Your Face

I see makeup as an art. It is always better to start on a clean canvas. The same goes for oily face makeup. You have to pre-cleanse and cleanse your face.

For pre-cleansing, rinse your face with lukewarm water. It will take away all the dirt and previous makeup leftovers from your face. After that, apply a soft cleanser and wash your face. For oily skin, cleansers with salicylic acid work really well. Now pat your face with a soft towel.

However, select the facewash that suits your face. Also, you have to abandon your habit of washing your oily face several times a way. This can strip away the natural oil of your face and decrease the production of it. According to experts, cleaning the face twice a day is the best choice.

Tone Your Face

Toner can be either a lotion or a liquid cleanser. It is designed to wipe out the dirt and other leftovers. Washing the face with a cleanser is alright, but applying toner is always recommended.

While selecting a toner, make sure it is alcohol-free. Otherwise, it can make your skin dry. Rosewater or witch hazel toners are perfect for oily skins.

Hold the moisture

Some of you may not know but it is also necessary to moisten oily skin. The face produces oil to compensate for the ratio of hydration. For oily skin, make sure your moisturizer includes the following qualities:

      • Matt
      • Oil-free
      • Shine reducing
      • Sunscreen with SPF 30
      • Alcohol-free


Overproduction of oil can clog the pores of your skin cells. To prevent this situation, exfoliation is the best option. Most beauty experts suggest exfoliating your face 3 to 4 times a week. Always exfoliate on wet skin. Otherwise, it can irritate your skin.

However, massaging your skin slowly in a circular motion while exfoliating benefits your face. Sugar scrub and chemical exfoliants with beta hydroxy acid work excellent with oily skin.

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Do Not Forget The Primer

To make your face smooth and reduce oil production, primer is a must. This also works as a glue that will hold the makeup for hours. Also, if you do not want your foundation to meltdown while partying, primer is what you need. However, for a shine-free look, go for the matt primer.

Apply Makeup For Oily Skin

Once your skin is prepared, it is time for applying the makeup. For this part, you would need the following makeups:

      1. Foundation
      2. Concealer
      3. Setting powder
      4. Setting spray
      5. Sponge
      6. Blush on

Steps to process on how to apply makeup for oily skin:

How To Apply Makeup For Oily Skin

1. First, you have to put on the base of your makeup. Yes, I am talking about the foundation. The right foundation will combat the battle of excessive oil production and balance the ratio. While purchasing a foundation, it is important to read the label. Make sure your power or lotion foundation offers,

      • Long-lasting effect
      • Non-comedogenic
      • Oil-free
      • Matte look

Beauticians suggest applying a thin layer of foundation. Also, you have to blend the foundation with your skin using a sponge.

2.This is your time to conceal the blemishes. You can disappear your dark circles, imperfections, and other red marks using a concealer. When you apply a thin layer of concealer, it will prevent breakouts and blemishes.

For the gorgeous look, you have to give several touch-ups of foundation powder and concealer. I mean, put a thin layer of concealer and seal it with another thin layer of foundation. Repeating it a few times will offer a matte look.

3.The main target in an oily makeup session is to provide a barrier to the oil. Applying a loose layer of setting power can do the task for you. Pour the powder on a damp sponge and apply a thin coat of this over your skin. Swirl the brush until the powder disappears and blends with your face.

4. Many girls stop at this step. But for a professional look, you can use a setting spray over your base. Spray the product on your face and neck. Do not overuse the spray, it will ruin the whole makeup.

5.A fancy look is still incomplete without a blush on your cheeks. Mattifying the blush will add an extra glow to your face. You can use either traditional blushes or powder blushes. Avoid shiny or cream blushes.

Long Last The Makeup

How to prevent an oily face after applying makeup? Are there any tricks to that? Well, with the proper tips, you can combat oily skin makeup throughout the day. Here are some suggestions for you:

1. At one point of the day, your oils might seep through your makeup. You can use blot paper to absorb the oil.

2. The matte powder can also absorb the oils on your skin. So, carry the powder in your bag and apply a small amount of it to a particular area.

3. For a long term solution, apply oil fighting face masks twice a week.

Now you know how to apply makeup for oily skin. Instead of using a bunch of makeup, go for the right products by following the proper steps. You may need a few more practices to master the task, so do not lose patience.