How To Cover Bald Spots With Makeup: 6 Most Effective Methods

How To Cover Bald Spots With Makeup

Only people who have suffered from baldness will get the depression and mental instability one goes through due to hair loss. They will apply anything that can return them the full-grown hair. With hair treatment and transplant, it is possible to grow your hair. But the treatments are too expensive for an average income person.

I have suffered from severe baldness and I tried different methods to cover my scalp. The shortest and effective technique is to use makeup. In this article, I will share tips on how to cover bald spots with makeup. Also, I will discuss the drawbacks of these methods.

How To Cover Bald Spots With Makeup

From concealer to spray, you will get abundant solutions to cover your bald spot. Which one to choose? It depends on your compatibility with the product. Here I will discuss 6 makeup techniques that will help you cover the bald spot. Such as:

      1. Eye shadow
      2. Mineral makeup
      3. Hair dye spray
      4. Mascara
      5. Hair loss concealer
      6. Scalp micro pigmentation

How To Cover Bald Spots With Makeup

Eye Shadow

In case, you have a light bald spot on your front side or anywhere else, feel free to use eye shadows as your hair patch. Using eye shadow to cover bald spots actually has 2 main advantages. Such as:

      • Eye shadows come in small containers. So, it is easier to apply to your hair.
      • This product is available in any color possible. So, you wouldn’t have to go through much trouble to match your hair color.

Here is how to apply eye shadow to cover your bald spots:

    • Go for a stiff and bristle makeup brush to apply eye shadow. Using the bigger makers will spread the makeup.
    • Start painting from the root of your hair strip. Put light strokes.
    • Finally, blend out the color using your fingers. Now your blad spot is gone.

Using eye shadow is the simplest way to cover your front bald spots. It is less time consuming and you can try it anywhere.

Mineral Makeup

Mineral makeups are compressed minerals, which can match any skin type. As these makeups do not seep into the pores, these are safer. Using mineral makeup to cover bald spots is a widely popular choice. For a mild bald patch, then mineral makeup should be your first priority. Especially, you can easily cover the spot with this unique cosmetic where your hair is getting thinner.

However, the powder makeup adheres perfectly to the scalp. So, it looks less noticeable after applying the mineral makeup.

To cover bald spots with mineral makeup, here are 2 things you need:

    • Mineral facial powder (Do not worry about sweating. The unique properties of the mineral cosmetic makes it possible for the powder to stick to the scalp for hours.)
    • Normal power ( You have to match the color with your hair. If you have brown hair, use brown powder. In case, you can not find the right color, go for the dark-colored powder.)

Here is how to apply mineral makeup to cover bald spots:

    • Unlike eye shadow makeup, you have to use a blending sponge or puff to apply mineral powder.
    • Directly put the powder on the bald patches using the puff or sponge.
    • Blend out the makeup properly into the hair. Make sure it does not look artificial.

Hair Dye Spray

People often ask how to use hair spray to cover bald spots. Or is it even possible to cover your thinner hairs with hair dye spray?

The answer is yes. If you are not comfortable with traditional makeup, the hair dye spray is your convenient option. Though this is temporary, it can cover your gray hairs easily.

You can get the perfect shade of hair paint from any makeup shop. These sprays last more than 10 hours and will come off while you wash them. Using the dye sprays is effortless. You just have to apply it directly to the spot where you can notice thin hairs or mild bald patches.


Do you know you can use mascara to cover bald spots? Especially, when you have shorter and thin hairs, you can easily trick people by applying mascara to your hair. The bald patches and thin hairs will look a lot thicker.

Choose the right shade and brush the mascara wand through the thin layer of hair. This will thicken the hairs and keep them stuck together. Mascara works like any other makeup products when it comes to cover the bald spot.

Hair Loss Concealer

Hair loss concealer or scalp concealer has become a quite popular choice for covering bald hair patches. Basically, these products are designed to cover up your thin hair. According to the experts, the colored keratin protein does all the magic.

To cover the bald patches, just spray the concealer and intertwine with the remaining hair. The hairs will look thicker after you pat them down. These products are sweatproof and will not mess your hair in a windy area. You can easily wash the concealer with shampoo. I personally believe, concealer is the best option for a mild bald spot.

Scalp Micro Pigmentation

Okay, this is not exactly what you call traditional hair makeup. But it fits the cosmetic sector. Scalp pigmentation or hair tattoo, both are the same thing. In this method, an expert will inject the pigments into your scalp using specialized equipment. This technique is favorable for those who have undergone heavy hair loss or have stubborn bald issues.

Drawbacks Of Covering Bald Spots With Makeup

You have seen the effective methods on how to cover bald spots with makeup. Do you know these techniques have some drawbacks too? For example,

    • The thick hair effect is temporary.
    • Makeup can clog the pores of your scalp.
    • It can cause folliculitis.
    • You can experience allergies, itching, flaking, drying, and discomfort.

You have got the heads up on how to cover bald spots with makeup. You can use wigs, scarves, hair bands, or other accessories if you want to avoid makeup. In case, you have sensitive skin, consult with your dermatologist before applying makeup to your scalp.

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