How To Apply Loose Glitter Eyeshadow: 9 Essential Tips

how to apply loose glitter eyeshadow

Most people love the glittery look because it increases eye color and shapes by the light-catching. Applying this shadow can be a little bit difficult if you are a beginner. That’s why every woman wants to know how to apply loose glitter eyeshadow.

It brings natural shades and includes on your iris. For special events and occasions, you need to have a high glamour look. So, this loose glitter eyeshadow can give this look. 

However, if applying glitter eyeshadow is a big problem, we have some most comfortable solutions. You may seem messy but using loose pigment quickly makes a glitter eyeshadow look. 

Benefits Of Using Loose Glitter Eyeshadow: 

how to apply loose glitter eyeshadow

Using glitter can be both scary and beautiful. But, it can create your face gleam like a star. 

You can use this loose glitter eyeshadow with your fingers or brush. Also, you will lose glitter on your body too. 

For any events, you need to use glitter eyeshadow for a glamour look. With it, your eye makeup is either complete and gorgeous. 

So, every model uses this loose glitter eyeshadow for special events and moments. However, if you want this look, how to apply loose glitter eyeshadow article can help you.

Essential Tips On How To Apply Loose Glitter Eyeshadow: 

how to apply loose glitter eyeshadow

However, if you like shiny base and sparkle, read our glitter eyeshadow tips attentively. From here, you can get loose glitter shadow trying, applying, and removing tips. So, you don’t leave this adventure incomplete.

However, here below, we give essential tips on how to apply loose glitter eyeshadow. With these tips, you can get a perfect look in just a few minutes.

Tips 1: Apply Primer To Your Eyelids

Use an adhesive or glitter primer to hold this glitter in place. Dip the primer on your makeup brush and spread it on the eyelids. 

Even use a primer under your brows where you want to use the glitter. While you don’t have primer, use the foundation. But, you can purchase the best glitter primer out.

Also, using petroleum jelly can be the best choice instead of primer. 

So, it can give your eyelids a wet look. Moreover, in the market, there are many glitter glue for the eyes.

However, these tips can help you with how to apply glitter eyeshadow with glue.

Tips 2: Keep A Tissue Under Your Eyes To Hold The Mess

To catch loose glitter from falling onto the face, hold a tissue. Even if you want, you can brush foundation powder instead. Want to know how to keep glitter eyeshadow in place? Try these steps.

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Tips 3: Sweep A Light Colored Glitter Eyeshadow 

Any eye makeup look starts with a simple way. Also, you can create it with any color you like. If you prefer a simple glitter look, you can choose gray or light brown. 

But, for a colorful look, you can try a blue color or light pink color. Or, using the color pop pressed glitter also can be an excellent choice.

Tips 4: Brush The Loose Glitter Eyeshadow

With your fingertip, pat the loose glitter eyeshadow onto both eyelids. For good results, you will use a small brush onto your loose glitter. Then, gently brush against the eyelids. Using a flat or little smooth eyeshadow brush can be the right choice.

Tips 5: Wipe Off Under Your Eyes fallen, Loose Glitter 

When you apply loose glitter, it’s simple to some glitter fallen below your eyes. However, wipe off this loose glitter with a powder brush gently. 

But, if you think this process is challenging, apply a piece of makeup tape under your eyes. And, pull it and get rid of this fallen loose glitter.

Tips 6: Brush Glitter Eyeshadow On Eyebrows 

To get more beauty:

    1. Add glitter eyeshadow onto your brows.
    2. Dip some glitter and brush it directly on your eyes.
    3. For a more defined effect, apply the bottom line of both brows. 

Also, to prevent loose glitter from falling, hold a clean tissue under the brows. For that reason, instead of your face, excess glitter falls on the tissue.

So, apply glitter to eyelids correctly and get a gorgeous look.

Tips 7: Spread Some Glitter On The Skin

Rub primer glue on the places where you want to apply it. To create a design, put a stencil and rub the petroleum jelly above it. Then, bend a brush in this glitter and press it. 

Try using the loose glitter alone the stencil on your cheek. This glitter will stick to the jelly. But, if some spread on your nearby skin, clean with the tissue or brush.

Tips 8: Add Eyeliner And Mascara.

To get a perfect eye look, add eyeliner or mascara. Without this eyeliner or mascara, your eye makeup will not complete. Though applying eyeliner is not easy but not too hard. To apply this eyeliner, you can use a pencil to get a perfect look.

On the other hand, using mascara is not very hard. You can quickly and correctly use mascara on your eye.

Tips 9: Removing Loose Glitter With Olive Or Coconut Oil

After using loose glitter on your eye, how to remove your glitter is so essential. Take olive or coconut oil to remove this glitter eyeshadow. First, close your eyes and drop some fat on your glittery look.

Please wait a few minutes to set it. After a few minutes, gently press the fingers on the place. Also, slide four fingers off on the full eye. Even with an eyeshadow remover wipe, you can sadly remove it. 

Final Word: 

Don’t use loose glitter like crazy. When you are going to use it, make your eyes classy and gleam with it. To get a more natural look, always use black glitter eyeliner. 

But, if you want to be colorful, use your preferred color. There is an amount of color for you out. However, we hope all these tips can help you when you use loose glitter. 

Also, we think now you have not any hesitation on how to apply loose glitter eyeshadow. From here, you can get your solutions to your problem. We would love to know how gorgeous you look with this routine.