Stepwise Tutorial On How To Apply Gel Eyeliner

How To Apply Gel Eyeliner

You may love to wear a bright makeup look. If you don’t apply eyeliner correctly, your makeup will be incomplete. So, before using it, you need to know how to apply gel eyeliner

Eyeliner is an extreme makeup product. It helps highlight your eye shape. You can get various types of eyeliner in the market. But probably gel eyeliner is a favorite eyeliner.

The long-lasting gel eyeliner can create an impressive effect. Also, it comes with a small jar, and you can apply it with an eyeliner brush. You can use it on your upper eyelid to make special effects.

About Gel Eyeliner: 

How To Apply Gel Eyeliner

With a secure lid, a small jar usually comes in gel eyeliners. This type of eyeliner does not dry quickly. For apply, often they come with a special brush. 

However, if you bought one gel eyeliner without any brush, you can buy an eyeliner brush separately. This brush can be a simple brush, flat angled brush, etc. The important thing is to apply the gel eyeliner correctly. 

Easy Steps Of How To Apply Gel Eyeliner 

If you haven’t used gel eyeliner before but want to try it, then you are welcome. From here, you can learn a step-by-step guide on how to apply gel eyeliner. 

Apply the best gel eyeliner onto your eyelids line and create a convincing look. Keep following our article step by step and try it now.

Step 1: Wash, And Moisturize Your Face

With your favorite moisturizer or cleanser, wash your face. Make sure your face doesn’t have any dirt or oil. After cleaning your face, don’t use an oily moisturizer. If you use an oily cleanser, gel eyeliner does not work on it.

Step 2: Select The Original Product

Purchasing the most expensive products is not necessary. Before buying the product, read their reviews to know about the product. If you use a thick liner brush, it can create dark lines. 

One angled or thin brush gives you a perfect look. Also, this type of eyeliner brush makes a fine line quickly. So, bring the best gel eyeliner brush or create a good look.

Angled brush or thin brush is the best eyeliner brush for a thin line.

Step 3: Apply Primer Or Concealer 

Before starting to apply, start with a clean base. Across your eyelids, use a makeup remover before it starts. Also, you can use oil instead of makeup remover across your eyelids. 

On the other hand, if you are on makeup, you also use this process. To hold your eyeliner, you can add primer too. For applying primer on your eyelids, a gel eyeliner brush can be the best choice. 

Step 4: Dip An Angled Brush Into The Gel Eyeliner. 

Dip your brush and spread it on the sides to remove extra gel eyeliner. Also, add more if you will need it. 

Gel and liquid eyeliner are not the same. Besides, usually, liquid eyeliners come with an applicator. On the other side, you need a separate brush to apply the gel eyeliner. 

Step 5: Hold The Eyeliner Brush At Your Eye angle. 

Don’t hold the brush staringly at your eye because you cannot see what happens—always trying to keep at an angle. So, you can see what you are doing with your eyes. To use the gel eyeliner, take an angled eyeliner brush.

Step 6: Pull The Skin Around Eye taut. 

On your other hand, put your finger on your temple and eye. Gently toward the temple, pull your skin taut. This way helps you use the eyeliner correctly. So, if you think about how to fix dry gel eyeliner, these tips can help you.

Step 7: Use It In A Basic Line. 

Close your eyes and apply gel eyeliner in a primary line. You have to close your eyes but not tightly. Though you are squinting and your eyes are primarily closed, you can see what happens. 

Use the eyeliner brush slowly and sketch the curve on your eyes. With the gel liner brush, try this in one tap. If possible, use the eyeliner near your lash line. If you may seem it’s difficult, Mark the line and then apply. After sketching the mark, you can apply it with a single stroke.

Step 8: Make Your Eyes Look Bigger, Longer, And Bolder

To create a gorgeous look:

  • Thicken the line.
  • From the beginning to end, make your line thinner and slightly thicker toward your eye corner.
  • If you want a more extended eye look, expand your line beyond your eye corner.

Gently angle it upward of your eye. To get a more comprehensive look with using eyeliner on the top lid only. For a more prominent look, apply your gel eyeliner only to your eyes. 

Begin in the middle of the eyelid and draw a line on your outer corner. Create a thicker line as you make your way around the corner. Do it on your underside eyelid and connect the lines of your eye corner.

Step 9: Immediately Clean Your All Mistakes

With any cotton swab or any makeup, absorb and clean your mistakes before it dries. If possible, use a makeup remover first to remove the mistake line.

Keep in mind before use to remove the foundation, primer in this place. Then quickly, you can remove any mistakes. After entirely using it, wait a minute for it to dry. 

The important thing is that everyone wants to know how to dry eyeliner fast. For those, we can say go to the air and dry it quickly.

Step 10: After Using It Wash The Eyeliner Brush

Wash your brush with warm water and soap after using it. Also, before next time use to dry it thoroughly. 

This way can your eyeliner brush prevent any bacteria from growing. Also, it can put your brush clean every time. However, anytime you can easily apply your gel eyeliner.

Bottom Line: 

To apply it, you can hold this gel eyeliner brush like a pencil eyeliner. This is a significant part of this gel eyeliner. However, to avoid any problem, clean your brush before putting it on. 

Keep in mind that always try to apply it with steady hands. The above tutorial can be perfect for those who love to know how to apply gel eyeliner correctly. If you seem this way is some effort, keep practicing. 

After a couple of times, you can realize this process is simple. However, go on and apply the gel eyeliner and make your eyes utterly gorgeous.

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