How To Do Joker Makeup Like A Professional With 10 Easy Steps

How To Do Joker Makeup

Planning to attend a Halloween costume party? What can be more exciting than going as a joker? Yes, I am talking about ‘The Joker’ look. Joaquin Phoenix, Heath Ledger, and all other clown princes have brought variations in the joker makeup and audiences have accepted it with all their hearts.

What I am trying to say is, attend the party with a joker’s face and you will be the center of attention all the time. Here, I will share the tips on how to do joker makeup, just to help you get the perfect look. So, without wasting any more time, let’s get into the joker skin.

Joker Makeup Kit

Before learning how to do joker makeup, take a look at all the supplies you will need to complete the face paint:

      1. A photo of joker
      2. Duct tape
      3. Makeup brushes
      4. Blending sponge
      5. White paint ( Water-activated ) or greasy paints
      6. Black liner
      7. Black lipstick
      8. Scar tissue
      9. Spirit gum
      10. Hairspray
      11. Blad cap

These are the makeup supplies you will need. Besides these, you will need the perfect costume to get the joker vibe. As I have already mentioned, there are many variations in joker makeup, choose the one costume relevant to your face paint.

Steps to How To Do Joker Makeup

How To Do Joker Makeup

Joker makeup stands out at any party. Do not think you have to go through a lot of hassle. This makeup is easy if you know the tricks. Here I am adding a detailed step by step process of doing joker makeup:

Step 1: Some of you may have laughed when I added a joker photo to the essentials. Trust me you will need this as a reference. There are many variations of the joker makeup. You do not want to mix them up, right? So, use your laptop or phone and pull up a high-quality picture of the dark knight joker (As I am following that reference). This picture will be a great help when it comes to minor adjustments.

Step 2: Before applying the makeup, clean your face properly. You can use lukewarm water and a cleaner to remove the dirt and leftover makeup. What will happen if you do makeup on your oily face? The face paint will not adhere to your face and wear off quickly.

Step 3: When I suggest duct tape, people often doubt the use it. Let me clear the concept. If you want a nice finishing, then using this tape is a must. It will help you to determine where to start the makeup and where to stop.

Duct tape a line from the back of your jaw to the bottom middle of your chin. Well, using duct tape is not a must as the joker does not have a straight line on his makeup. But if you want a fine line, feel free to use it. Also, do not forget to pull it off later.

Step 4: Take the paints and get them ready for use. If you have bought water activated paints, sprinkle some water on them. Otherwise, the ready to go face paints are always prepared for use.

Step 5: Start the makeup by covering your whole face with white paint. Take a paintbrush and dip it inside the white paint. Rub the brush all over your face and put a thick layer. Make sure to cover the cheekbones, chin, nose, eyebrows, and forehead. Paint over your eyelids too.

Do not be disappointed if your face paint is poorly applied. The joker makeup Dark Knight is also kind of blotchy. You can reapply the face paint if there is any bare skin on your face.

Step 6: After adding one layer of white face paint, it is time to spread out and thin the paint. Take a damp sponge and squeeze the water out of it. Dab it all over your face. This will thin out the paint and give a blotchy look. There is no hard-fast rule of how much paint you should put. But applying a darker and thicker coat is always recommended. 

Step 7: If you have used duct tape, it is time to pull that off from your face. Otherwise, use a wet towel to wipe off any extra paints that you have on your neck.

Step 8: Here come the scars. Joker makeup scars are not something that is not hard to do. You can draw the scar or use the scar tissues as I have suggested.

Blend the scar tissue with your skin. Do it in such a way that people can not get the trick with the first look.

Step 9: Let’s blackout the eyes now. This is an important part when you are doing a Dark Knight joker makeup. You have to be precise and at the same time, you can add creativity to your work.

Fill your eye socket with black lipstick or black greasy paint. Compared to black paint, lipstick is safer. Apply lipstick on your eyebrows too. You can creep a bit into the nose bridge.

Have you ever noticed the shape of the black area around the joker’s eyes? It is somewhat like an oval trapezoid. I am just mentioning the shape in case you feel the technical help.

Step 10: We are almost done with our Dark Knight joker makeup. You just have to color the scars beside your cheeks. Use the red lipstick and gently apply it to the scar tissues. Using greasy paint is more preferable in this case.

Your face is ready. Use a makeup setting spray so that it does not wear off. For the hair, wear a wig.

Now you know how to do joker makeup like a professional with just 10 steps. Make sure to wear proper clothes that go with makeup. If you are doing it for the first time, then do not worry much. Just follow each step as it says.

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