Know What Is Foundation Makeup And Everything Related To It

What is foundation makeup

Let’s face the truth, you can not do any makeup without foundation. It does not matter if you are a makeup queen or seldom uses it, you know the importance of this particular product. Well, some newbies are just starting to get to know the meaning of foundation and how to use it. I assure you that this article is for you.

Even if you are a pro, you may learn some secret tips that will better your makeup skills. In this article, I will explain the question, “What is foundation makeup?”, how to use it, and so on. So, get ready to rock your foundation base. 

What is foundation makeup

What is foundation makeup?

You can guess the work of a foundation from its name. Yes, the foundation is exactly what the word indicates. Before an artist starts drawing on the canvas, he polishes the sheet to make it even. The foundation is also something like that. 

It is the neutral-toned base that evens the imperfection of the skin and makes it like a plain canvas. You can do your entire makeup upon this base. Though a foundation is just a product, there are many more varieties of it. I will discuss everything in the upcoming sections. 

What is the foundation makeup‘s main purpose? 

Now you know what a foundation makeup is. Let’s know why all makeup stylists use this beauty product. 

◾ Provide a unique tone to the skin

◾ Give the desired finishing touch

◾ Place the highlighter, concealer smoothly on the skin

The basic types of foundation makeup 

Foundation is the one beauty product with a wide variety based on tone, color, ingredients, and consistency. I will discuss the main 8 types of foundations you can use regularly. 

Liquid: This is the most common and popular type of foundation. Liquid foundation goes with almost every dry and oily skin. 

Powder: This is the most convenient type. It is easy to apply and really good for touch-ups. 

Whipped: This is mainly moussed with the air whipped in it. The whipped foundation can create a light, weightless texture on your skin and give you a matte look.

Stick: If you are looking for a go-to-go pack, a stick foundation is the best for you. This one is thicker, and you can also use it as a concealer. 

Mineral powder: This type of foundation is not for everyone. If you are a pro, you can use this one. Mineral powder foundation can get messy if you do not apply it the right way. However, you can give touch-ups during the day with this foundation.

Tinted moisturizer: This type of foundation is the best for skin care. It is light and creates a bright skin tone. 

BB cream: Over the past few years, this kind of foundation has gained huge popularity. It can brighten the skin along with providing the moisture the cells need.

CC cream: If you want a natural tint, you can go for the CC cream foundation. This hydrates the skin and makes it look brighter and fresh. 

What is foundation makeup

Choose the best foundation shade for you

We all know there are various types of foundation colors available, each for different skin. Choosing the right shade is important while you are doing your makeup. The wrong shade can make you look unnatural. For your convenience, I am going to share some tips that will help you find the perfect shade for your skin. 

◾ First of all, you have to understand the undertone of your skin. Remember one thing, your skin color may change due to acne, but your undertone will always be the same. 

◾ There are 3 categories of undertones, such as cool, warm, and neutral. You have to determine the right undertone by taking some easy tests. 

◾ I have discussed the types of foundation above. Each type of foundation is suitable for different skin. You have to know the right foundation according to your undertone. For example, a matte foundation is perfect for an oily undertone.

◾ Now you know the type of foundation that is good for you. The next thing you have to do is choose the right shade for your skin. 

◾ For buying beauty products, always go to trusted shops. All those brandy foundations have replicas available in the market. If you buy from a cheap rated shop, they might con you and give you the wrong product. All those replica foundations are not safe for your skin. 

◾ Before buying a foundation, go through all the variations. Swatch 3 or 4 foundations to choose the perfect shade according to your undertone. 

How to apply foundation flawlessly 

We use the foundation to make the skin looks brighter and natural. But despite giving the best effort, many people end up having a chalky mask makeup, just because of applying the foundation the wrong way. To be honest, it is not hard to apply the foundation if you follow some easy rules. 

What is foundation makeup

◾ Before applying any kind of makeup material on your skin, clean your face properly. 

◾ After cleansing, apply some moisturizer to hydrate the cells. 

◾ Do not be confused about your shade. Follow the tips I have mentioned above to select the perfect foundation shape for your skin. 

◾ Now grab a wet sponge and blend out the foundation on your skin. It is important to know how to blend the foundation before using it.

◾ After applying the foundation, you have to go for concealer. Make sure to blend the makeup perfectly.

◾ If, after all these efforts, your foundation falls off after some time, will it be a good experience? Of course, not. To keep your foundation from slipping, you can apply translucent powder on your T zone. To dust the powder, you can use a foundation brush

◾ Congratulation. Now you know the techniques of doing a fine and smooth foundation makeup

These are the general rules of applying the foundation on your skin. Depending on your skin tone and type, you may have to change a few things. 

So, now, if I ask you, “What is foundation makeup and how to use it?” I hope you have got your answers. Also, besides knowing the perfect foundation shade for your skin, you should learn other things like choosing the right concealer. Once you mastered all these things, your makeup skills will be better than before. 

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