How To Use Oval Makeup Brushes: Tips To Wear All Types Of Makeups

how to use oval makeup brushes

Have you just bought an oval makeup brush or planning to buy a new one? Well, if you have just stepped into the world of oval makeup brush, a lot of things may seem surprising.   

This brush has created quite a rage in the beauty world with its promising flawless makeup qualities. For those who are using it for the first time, things can be quite confusing. So, I am writing this article, especially for them. 

In this article, I will give you the key idea about how to use oval makeup brushes. Besides that, I will also discuss what an oval makeup brush is, why it is different and which one is the best. So, read through the end of the article. 

how to use oval makeup brushes

How to define an oval makeup brush 

From the name, you may have guessed that the brush is oval-shaped, and you are right. Some people call it the toothbrush makeup brush because, to be honest, it kind of resembles one. The brush has a long handle and bristles on an oval plate at the end of the handle. You may have heard people calling these makeup brushes that look like spoons. Well, you can not deny them too. 

This type of design offers us two significant advantages. Such as: 

🔸 It is comfortable to hold

🔸 Unlike most other brushes, the bristles of the oval makeup brush create an airbrushed finishing. 

These oval-shaped makeup brushes are available in all shapes and types. You can do every type of makeup with them, from wearing foundation to eye shadows. I will discuss oval brushes tutorials later in this article. 

The basic difference between oval and regular makeup brushes

Obviously, the main difference between an oval and a regular makeup brush is the shape. Aside from this, you may notice a contrast in the density of the fibers. The bristles of an oval makeup brush are denser and stay organized as a single surface. On the other hand, bristles of a regular brush are mostly scattered. 

how to use oval makeup brushes

You may know the tutorials of a regular makeup brush. I will share my idea on how to use oval makeup brushes in the next section. 

The best oval makeup brush set 

The best brush set is the one that contains all the 6 oval brushes. Such as the largest one, the second largest one, the third largest one, the small oval makeup brush, the toothbrush, and the smallest one. 

With the largest oval makeup brush, you can apply almost every type of foundation, from liquid to mousse. The second one is used to set up the makeup, and the third one is used for applying contour. 

You can use the small oval makeup brush to apply highlighter and blush. However, with the toothbrush, you can wear eyeliner or eyeshadow. And last but not least, the smallest brush is used to highlight your worn makeup.

How to use oval makeup brushes: The ultimate makeup tutorial

The oval makeup brushes have brought revolutionary changes in the way of applying makeup. The perfect sized oval brush set is suitable for any type of makeup. So, here I am going to share the tutorials on how you can wear blush, foundation, and everything with these brushes. 

Apply foundation powder 

To apply the foundation powder, at first pour some powder on your palm and dip the brush into that. Do not pour the powder directly on the oval brush. If you want a full-face coverage, use the largest brush. On the other hand, if you target the forehead or certain areas, go for the third-largest brush or the small one. 

However, you can apply liquid or mousse foundation with an oval makeup brush too. In that case, you have to pour the liquid foundation directly on the brush. When you want to cover your full face with foundation, always start at the T zone. 

how to use oval makeup brushes

Apply concealer 

We use concealer to wear additional coverage over the foundation. To apply concealer, always use the small oval brush. You can easily reach certain areas with these brushes. 

At first, you have to dip your small oval brush into your concealer. Then apply it to brighten your undertone areas like dirk circles. Once you have done putting the concealer on your skin, blend it using the smaller oval brush. 

Apply bronzer

Bronzer is the real gamechanger while you are doing makeup. So, you have to apply it correctly. You can use the second or third largest oval makeup brush to wear bronzer. Here are some instructions:

🔸 Swirl the brush in the creamy bronzer. Then draw a line over both your cheekbones using the brush and extend it towards your hairline. After that, use the toothbrush makeup brush to blend the bronzer. 

🔸 Now take the second-largest oval brush and reapply a small amount of bronzer. Create an arc following your hairline using the brush. Then gently blend it to get a gradient effect. 

🔸 To make your facial structure sharper and brighter, you have to contour underneath your jawlines and both sides of your nose. You can use the small brush to do this part.

Apply highlighter 

To give yourself a little more glow, go for the highlighter. Dip the small brush into the highlighter, and swipe it along your cheekbone to the hairline. You can dab the brush on your cheek, nose, cupid’s bow to add an extra beauty effect. 

Apply blush 

You can use the third largest oval makeup brush to put blusher on your cheeks. Here are some useful tips: 

🔸 Apply a little amount of blush on. 

🔸 Do not let the blush spread all over your face.

🔸 Never apply it on your nose. 

Apply eyeshadow 

how to use oval makeup brushes

Always use the toothbrush to apply eyeshadow. At first, pour or dip the brush into your favorite eye shadow power. Then sweep the brush over your eyelids. If you want to give more than one shades, start with a light color and go for the dark ones. 

I hope now you know how to use oval makeup brushes to do all types of makeup. Those tips I have shared will help you to develop your makeup skills with these trendy brushes.

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