How To Fix Broken Makeup: A Complete Solution To Recover Your Beauty Products

how to fix broken makeup

Have you ever dropped your favourite expensive makeup products or the entire makeup bag? If you have, then you know how devastating it feels. For a moment, it feels like you can do nothing to save the piece of love. It gets even worse when you have to toss it into a garbage can. 

But wait. What if I tell you I have the solution to salvage your makeup products? Yeah, you have heard me right. I will share all the tips and tricks on how to fix broken makeup. These techniques will help you to recover your broken kits. 

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how to fix broken makeup

Techniques For How To Fix Broken Makeup Kits 

By the word makeup, you can not identify a single product. The word indicates not only eye shadows or foundation but also makeup brush and other kits. So, in the upcoming sections, I will discuss methods of fixing each type of product. 

How to fix broken powder with water

I know there are other methods of fixing powder, but this one is the easiest. All you need is water, and you can recover your broken eyeshadow or blush powder. To fix your broken powder with water, follow the instructions given below: 

🔸 First of all, gather all the broken pieces you can and put them in a bowl. 

🔸 This step can be heartbreaking for you. Smash all the pieces in the bowl with a spoon. This is necessary to give a smooth finishing to the final product. Try cruising the powder as smoothly as you can and also make sure the lumps are gone. 

🔸 Now you have a bowl of finely crushed powder. Mix it with water in the correct proportion. The blend of water and makeup powder will look more like a peanut butter paste. You can use a toothpick for all the mixing up. 

🔸 After making a good consistency paste, put that in the compact. 

🔸 Next, you have to press the paste over a plastic wrap so that it fits in the compact perfectly. If there is any residue, wipe it with wet cotton or cloth. 

🔸 You are almost done. Keep the compact open in a warm place and let it dry. 

To make the makeup powder smoother, use a few drops of alcohol instead of water. This method on how to fix a smashed powder is tested and always works perfectly. 

How to fix broken makeup without rubbing alcohol

The question I often get is how to fix broken makeup without using any type of alcohol. Here is the answer. 

In this method, you will use water instead of any rubbing alcohol. This is similar to the technique I have discussed above with some major modifications. However, this is the most effective if your powder is broken at its edge. 

🔸 Gather all the pieces and put those back into the compact. 

🔸 Pour a few drops of water at the broken edges. 

🔸 Take a wipe tissue and press it on the smashed areas. 

🔸 Repeat pressing the makeup until it gets back to a better shape. 

🔸 Let the makeup dry for several hours, and you can use it afterward. 

How to fix a broken lipstick 

The fixing technique of a broken lipstick will depend on the condition of the product. After knowing the tricks, you will see that it is easier to fix a lipstick than compact powder. Here I will share 3 different tips for fixing a broken lipstick each for different conditions. 

how to fix broken makeup

🔸 If the lipstick is broken at the middle point: You may just have lost the chunk of a special makeup product. But do not cry, thinking that you are not going to find that shade again. We are going to fix that piece together and make it like a new one. 

You will need a lighter for this method. First of all, provide a little heat at the broken edges. Then reattach them together. Keep the lipstick in the freezer for 30 minutes to make it solid. Once the edges stick together, you can use the product. 

🔸 If the lipstick is broken at the base: This is the worst kind. First of all, remove the small uneven pieces of lipsticks from the bottom by using a bobby pin. Then reattach the remaining big chunk in the tube. This way, the lipstick will be shorter than before, but you are not losing the whole shade. So, that is a good thing, right? 

🔸 If the lipstick is broken at the top: You can easily salvage your broken lipstick if it fits in this category. You just have to remove the damaged parts from the top, and your beauty product is ready to use. 

Here is a free tip: If your lipstick is totally messed up, take a risk, and melt it. Then put the paste in a stick or tube and freeze it for several hours. If you are lucky, your lipstick will regain its shape, and you can use it again. 

How to fix broken baked highlighter with alcohol 

By far now, you must have understood the main tricks of fixing any broken makeup kit. However, I have discussed the ways of recovering any highlighter or shadow powder with water. But now, I will tell you how to fix broken makeup with alcohol. 

To fix your broken baked highlighter, you will need these things: 

✔ A butter knife

✔ Paper tissue 

✔ Rubbing alcohol (70% isopropyl alcohol)

✔ A small bowl

✔ A tablespoon 


◾ Pat the broken highlighters in the compact. Make them as flat and spread as you can. 

◾ Now pour the rubbing alcohol on the surface. 

◾ Gently press the highlighter surface with your fingers. 

◾ Soon the surface will get smoother. Then pour some more alcohol. 

◾ The highlighter will look like a paste now. You have to even the surface with the butter knife and keep it for drying. 

◾ You are almost done. Lay the tissue on the highlighter and press to make it smoother. 

So, many people ask me how to fix broken highlighter with setting spray, or is it even possible? Well, it is possible. Follow all the steps I have mentioned except pouring the alcohol part. You have to use any setting spray instead of alcohol. 

How to fix broken eyeshadow with vaseline

Do not be surprised by looking at the heading. It is obviously possible to salvage your eyeshadow using the cream formula. The method is easy as a cup of tea and 100% effective. 

✔ At first, you have to crush the eyeshadow and turn it into a fine powder. 

✔ Mix it with vaseline and prepare a creamy paste.

✔ Put that in the compact.

✔ Press the surface with your finger to smoothen it.

✔ Refrigerate the product, and after about half an hour, you will get an eyeshadow with no cracks. 

How to fix broken makeup with coconut oil

Fixing broken makeups with coconut oil is a popular technique that many people follow. The process is similar to the method I have just discussed above. You have to make a fine powder of the beauty product. Then put it into the pot and mix it with coconut oil to make a cream. Your product will be ready after freezing the paste for 1 hour. 

How to fix broken makeup brush

If your makeup brush is broken, well, worry no more. I have got the easiest technique to fix the brush. You will need less than 10 minutes to make your brush look like a new one. 


✔ Remove the glues from the handle and the base of the brush. 

✔ Apply some hot glues on the base using a glue gun.

✔ Slowly attach the brush head with the handle. Hold it tight for 15 seconds.

✔ Wipe out the extra glues with a wet tissue.

✔ Let the glue on edge dry for 5 to 7 minutes. After that, you can use your makeup brush again. 

So, I have discussed almost all the ways of fixing broken makeup. Here I will add some common questions people ask me on this topic. 

Can you revive old pressed powder

Yes, you can. Sometimes our makeup powder gets dried and cracked if we do not use it for a long time. You can use rubbing alcohol, coconut oil, or vaseline to revive the powder. You have to follow any of the methods I have shared above to salvage your old pressed powder. 

Should you use hydrogen peroxide to fix your makeup? 

Many people wonder how to fix broken makeup with hydrogen peroxide. But the truth is you should not do such a thing. Hydrogen peroxide is not appropriate for the makeup, and it can eventually destroy the quality of your beauty kits. Moreover, the solution is not appropriate for your skin. 

Instead of hydrogen peroxide, you can use acetone to fix broken makeup. Are you wondering where you will get acetone? Well, your nail polish remover can be the source. 

Why not get new makeups instead of fixing them? 

I have a good answer to this question. You know how hard it is to find the perfect shade, and it is even harder to say goodbye to the beauty kit. If you try to fix the makeup, you do not need to buy a new one, and your heart won’t break too. 

However, if you ask me, I would suggest using your makeup till its last day. But remember one thing, if the smell or colour of the product changes after fixing it, toss that into a garbage can. 

You might have lost hope of using the broken makeup. But with the tips I shared on how to fix broken makeup, you can salvage any piece of your broken beauty kit. So, do not lose hope and try it out now. 

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