Organic Acne Skin Care: Get Rid Of Your Pimples With The Most Effective Ways

Organic Acne Skin Care

Acne is the most common skin condition for both males and females. No matter if a big event is coming or you are chilling at home, the acne will show up at any moment. Using commercial products to prevent acne can sometimes make the skin worse. So, what will you do? 

Well, most of my friends have benefitted by following organic acne skincare. Going organic will not harm your skin and you will get rid of the pimples in no time. In this article, you will get natural remedies for acne problems. So, do not forget to read to the end. 

Step by step organic acne skincare routine 

The best thing about this acne skincare routine is you can go natural. If you can follow the routine regularly, you will feel no irritation and get rid of this skin condition forever. Here is the 5 step skincare routine for acne: 

Organic Acne Skin Care

1. Wash your skin with a cleanser 

Cleansers are the must use the item for any skincare. The traditional cleansers remove all the dead cells and dirt from your skin and hit the restart button. For acne issues, experts suggest the oil cleansing method. It not only washes out the dirt and bacterias from your skin but also provides beneficial oil to your face. 

You can use coconut oil or seed oil as a natural cleanser or buy an oil-based commercial cleanser. Avoid the products with any harmful chemicals. Make sure the products contain salicylic acid or glycolic acid.

I recommend applying a cleanser after waking up and before going to bed. Excessive use of cleansers may strip out the natural oils from your face. 

2. Go for toners 

Most of the time, people treat toner as an option. But this single element can benefit your skin from many angles. Apply the toners right after washing your face with a gentle cleanser. This will wash away the leftover makeup or dirt from your face

The toners brighten your skin, prevent acne, and prepare the skin to lock the moisturizer. Now, you can buy any commercial toners, but I suggest going for the natural ones. For example, apple cider vinegar. 

3. Do not forget the serum 

Many people tend to avoid serum because it is quite expensive. But trust me using this product will only do good to your skin, especially when you are suffering from acne problems. 

When buying serums, make sure the product includes tea tree oils, glycolic acid, and vitamin C. These elements will fight acne, make the skin brighter, and provide antibacterial properties to your skin. If you are feeling irritation on your skin, applying serum can be a good option for you. 

4. Hydrate your skin 

After washing your face with a cleanser, your skin can appear rough, especially when you have dry skin. Using a moisturizer can be the ultimate solution. Moisturizing your skin for 3 to 4 minutes will give your face a more bright look. 

Choosing the right moisturizer is often confusing. A mixture of jojoba and lavender oil works as a good source of hydration for the skin. If you want to buy a commercial moisturizer, avoid the one that contains silicon or synthetic additives. 

5. Wear a night mask 

Wearing a mask once a week can benefit your skin and help it fight the acne. This is a part of the organic acne skincare routine. I suggest you try the honey and oatmeal or the mud mask for a better result. 

Is it better to try an organic skincare routine? 

Organic Acne Skin Care

I can give you many reasons why going all-natural is better for fighting acne. The natural elements will provide you an inside glow. Here are some other benefits of switching to an organic skin routine for acne: 

  1. Most of the acne skincare products contain harsh chemicals, fillers, additives, and elements. These can cause irritation, redness, and itchiness to your skin. Sometimes, using these products will make your skin rough and strip out the natural oils. On the other hand, the organic products or elements will soothe your skin and eliminate inflammation. Aloe vera or Marshmallow extracts can prevent acne. 
  2. The commercial beauty products have a fake smell that is disliked by many people. The fragrance can make people nauseous and cause headaches. While organic skin products have no artificial scents. 
  3. The industries use chemicals to prepare acne products. And it is for sure that those chemicals will affect our body negatively. That is why I always suggest going for natural elements like aloe vera, lavender oil for acne solution. 
  4. You will find silicons in most of the commercial beauty products. Yes, silicon makes your face glow and smooth. But wait, there is a big disadvantage of using silicon. It clogs your pores. This is why you should go for the natural elements. 

Best home remedy for acne overnight

Is it possible to get rid of acne overnight? Usually, it takes 3 to 4 days for the pimples to go. But with some home remedies, you can get rid of acne within 24 hours. Here are some of the best natural remedies for your acne: 

  • Toothpaste: This is a well-known home remedy that is applied by millions of people. Toothpaste has a low content of fluoride. Apply it to the acne and go for a good night’s sleep. The next morning the pimple will vanish. 
  • Tea tree oil: This oil has an anti-bacterial property. It unclogs the pores and removes the dirt and dead cells from them. So, there is no chance of having acne. 
  • Lemon juice: Many of you may not get the benefits of lemon juice. This can be a better option to vanish your acne overnight. 
  • Honey and cinnamon mask: You can not ignore the advantages of honey when it comes to acne. Mixing it with the cinnamon will be the best solution to get a fresh face. 

You can also use aloe vera, zinc supplements to get rid of pimples. Some people suffer from hormonal acne. For them, hormonal acne treatment will be a better option. 

Final words 

Getting rid of acne once and for all is a dream to many. With organic acne skincare, this dream can come true. In this article, I have highlighted a healthy routine for you. Follow the steps to get glowing and acne-free skin.

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