Why My Nails Are Peeling: Things You Must Know Today

Why My Nails Are Peeling

A few days back, I faced a terrible situation with my nails. My nails were coming off without any reason. I got terrified and started looking for credible sources that could explain my condition. 

Recently, I have come to know the reasons why my nails are peeling. When I was doing the research, I noticed, many girls face a similar problem and get no satisfactory answer. So, I decided to share my little knowledge with all of you. And that is why I am writing this article right now. 

If you are facing the nail peeling problem, then give this article a read. Ignoring this situation can have severe consequences sometimes.

What does define nails peeling? 

Over the past decades, nails have become an essential part that can enhance our beauty. But in ancient times, nails were only used for digging or fighting. You may realize or not, the main purposes of our nails are to protect our fingertips and increase the ability to pick up things. 

If you look into the composition of the nails, you will find keratin. Even though our nails seem hard and tough, the layers can be peeled easily. Now the question can arise, what causes the peel, right? 

Actually, the layers of your nails start coming off if they become weak and thin. You will be surprised to know that this condition has a medical term, onychoschizia. There can be several reasons why your nails are peeling. 

Medical causes of peeling nails are vitamin deficiency, internal or external nail trauma. In rare cases, the condition indicated any serious health issue. 

Why My Nails Are Peeling

Reasons why your nails peel off 

When researching why my nails are peeling, I found multiple reasons that can cause the condition. For example, 

  1. Obsession with nail manicure 
  2. Wrong nail polish removal technique 
  3. Cleaning or washing dishes clothes without wearing gloves
  4. Vitamin deficiency 
  5. Using nails as tools 
  6. Growing old 

Let’s discuss each cause in detail. 

1. Obsession with nail manicure:

Nowadays, no fashion dress is complete without properly designed nail polish. I have to admit each manicure looks gorgeous on the nails, no matter it is gel, acrylic, or dip powder. These nail polishes can last more than two weeks and totally make our outfit look more beautiful. 

Believe me or not, these manicures are not so great for our nail’s health. Some of the nail polish techniques require UV light for curing. Can you imagine how much damage the exposure cause to your nails? These events eventually lead to nail peeling or cracking.

So, are all those nail polishes harmful to the nail? Of course not. I am indicating to those that require acetone for removal. That substance can weaken the nails. Also, all the scaping off or filing down the top layer of the nails can make them really thin.

Why My Nails Are Peeling

2. Wrong nail polish removal technique:

I have just discussed how bad the manicure removal process can affect your nails. When you are using acetone, alcohol, or other substances and sanding down your nails, they will get weak and thin. As a result, your nails will peel off easily. It takes almost 6 months to grow a nail fully. 

If you are thinking about how to fix peeling nails, I will discuss them too in the upcoming sections. 

3. Cleaning or washing dishes clothes without wearing gloves:

The soap or detergent contains strong base elements. When you wash your dishes without gloves, direct exposure with the chemical can make your nails thinner. As a result, the nails will become brittle can peel off easily. 

4. Vitamin deficiency: 

Nail peeling vitamin deficiency is a common phenomenon. If you have a lack of vitamin B7, you can face nail peeling. This nutrition is very important for our bodies. Its water soluble version is called biotin, which builds the protein blocks for the nails. 

The vitamin supplement is available in the market. But before taking the tabs, you must consult with your doctor first. 

5. Using nails as tools: 

When you use your nails roughly, they will break or peel off. Prying or scraping something off with nails can often make you suffer from nail peeling. 

6. Growing old: 

It is true that with our growing age, our nails also get old. Research shows that brittle nails or nails peeling is more common in old people than the young one. 

So, if you have grown old and your nails are coming off, it is maybe because of your age. 

Some other reasons for nails peeling are: 

  • Using a low branded polish 
  • Pressuring the nails too much during any work 
  • Bitting the nails continuously 
  • Applying fake nails

The best treatment for nail peeling 

Fortunately, you can fix the whole nail peeling situation. After knowing why my nails are peeling, I took immediate action to stop the peeling. And I am getting satisfactory results.

You know a poor diet can cause your nails to peel. So, eating good food is very important. Here are the biotin enriched food items you can eat to stop your nail peeling: 

  • Cauliflower 
  • Lentils 
  • White beans 
  • Avocado 
  • Spinach 
  • Cooked eggs 
  • Cereals 
  • Whole grains 
  • Potato with skins 

Why My Nails Are Peeling

Besides adding these items to your daily diet, you can take vitamin supplements. Also, feel free to add other nutrients to your meal. 

Here are some other things you can try as a part of peeling nails treatment: 

  • Soak your nails with coconut of olive oil daily. 
  • Always use acetone free nail polish remover to remove your manicure.
  • I suggest you avoid acrylic or gel manicure. But in case you want those nail polish, try to get nail strengthener after the mani.
  • So not use cheap buffer or filer to buff your nails. Buy a branded one. Those are safer and do not harm your nails. 
  • While doing house works, like washing clothes or dishes, wear gloves. 

Now I know why my nails are peeling and what I should do. I hope with this article, you have concluded your reasons for peeling nails. If the condition is severe, go and consult a doctor immediately. 

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