What Is The Difference Between Gel And Acrylic Nails? – Facts You Must Know

what is the difference between gel and acrylic nails

I think you will barely find anyone who does not love nail paintings. The colorful nail polishes make them look more beautiful. 

If you have ever looked for long lasting nail manicures, you know the terms gel and acrylic nails. Recently these two nail techniques have become trendy. But the question is, which one is better? Or what is the difference between gel and acrylic nails

Basically, the gel manicure gives your nails a natural and glossy look. On the other hand, acrylic nails are more durable and sturdy. To get a detailed comparison, read to the end of this article.

Gel and acrylic manicures – Things you need to know first:

Before rolling into the differences, let’s get familiar with the basics of gel and acrylic manicures. 

Gel nails have been in the market for years. The mani is popular because it makes your nails look natural. To apply a gel manicure, you will need a UV or LED. 

what is the difference between gel and acrylic nails

You can divide the method into three steps:  putting a base coat, then the gel colors, and ends with wearing the topcoat. After applying a layer, you need to cure the polish under a UV nail lamp for 45 seconds to 2 minutes. 

The best thing about the gel manicure is once the layer is cured, it will not get smudged like regular polishes. The final result of the gel nails is pretty amazing. 

When it comes to acrylic nails, some girls go crazy over this. This method offers more durability than most other nail techniques. If you follow recent nail arts, you must know that acrylic nails with tips are on trending right now. 

The acrylic polish is basically the combination of the acrylic powder and liquid. You will need a proper acrylic nail kit for this manicure. 

This method also requires three basic things; a basecoat, acrylic colors, and a topcoat. The main advantage of acrylic nails is you will not need any lighting source to cure the polish. The layers will dry in the air.

What is the Difference Between Gel and Acrylic Nails? – A Detailed Comparison

Unfortunately, the difference between gel and acrylic nails is not in the singular number. Both methods exhibit dissimilarities in materials, application, cost, durability, and so on. Gel vs. acrylic nails 

1. Materials:

The main ingredients of gel nails are acrylic monomers and oligomers. These two can create a strong bond only when you cure the polish under a UV source. On the other hand, the composition of the acrylic nails is quite tricky. 

The elements of an acrylic nail are acrylic polymers and monomers. In the end, there will be no traces of monomers left in the polish. 

what is the difference between gel and acrylic nails

2. Appearance: 

Gel manicure offers natural-looking nails. It makes them appear freshly manicured for upto 14 days. That is why this nail polish method has become the first choice for most girls. 

The acrylic manicure allows you to try new designs, and those arts make the nails stunning. This method does not make your fingernails glossy. If you compare it with the gel nails, then acrylic nails look less natural, especially when you apply it in a wrong way. 

3. Durability: 

It is obvious that you can not expect any manicure to last for more than four weeks. But if you choose wisely, you can get the polish which will stay longer than most other manicures. 

People often ask if gel or acrylic nails last longer than regular polishes or not. The answer is yes, and between these two, the acrylic nails stay undamaged for about 4 weeks. On the other hand, the gel nails stay fresh for around 2 weeks. 

4. Cost: 

Both the nail polish methods cost more than the regular polishes. If you compare the price between the gel and acrylic nails, the gel nails will charge you some extra bucks. When you do a manicure at home by yourself, it will definitely cut your costs. 

5. Smell: 

Some girls do not like a particular type of nail odor. So, before selecting your manicure, learn what is the difference between gel and acrylic nails in smell? 

If the odor affects you greatly, then the gel nail will be the right option for you. This nail polish gives off no smell, even during the application process. On the other hand, acrylic manicure has a strong odor. If you are looking for a good fragrance nail polish, go for the acrylic one, 

6. Probable damage: 

Some nail manicures can cause etching or damage to your nail beds. Neither gel nor acrylic nails are harmful if you can apply the perfect amount. 

Acrylic nails can sometimes cause an allergic reaction. It is when your finger skin gets exposed to the acrylic powder and liquid. However, gel nails do no damage to skin or nails, no matter you use it with a primer or not. 

Here is one thing you must remember. Both techniques will create no harm as long as you use them correctly. The overuse of any product can cause mild or severe damage to your nails. 

7. Flexibility 

When it comes to flexibility, gel nails are more comfortable. It is because this manicure is more natural and less heavy than the acrylic nails. 

The acrylic nail polish is robust and offers more durability. The manicure is heavy and can damage your nails. 

8. Curing options: 

The curing time for acrylic nails take a bit long time. On the other hand, in gel nails, your nails will dry within a minute with the use of a UV lamp. 

what is the difference between gel and acrylic nails

What is the difference between gel and acrylic nails?  If I ask you now, I bet you can answer better than me. Both the techniques are unique and make your nails look fabulous. Which one is better for you totally depends on your personal choice. 

If you are looking for something natural, then go for the gel nails. However, if you want to avoid nail cracking or peeling, acrylic nails will be a great pick.

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