How Long Do Acrylic Nails Last – Learn Before Getting Your Manicure

How long do acrylic nails last

Are you going to get new nail polish and wondering which one lasts longer? Well, it is a very basic question you should ask before getting any type of manicure. This will help you schedule your next nail polish session.

If you want anything durable, go for the acrylic nails. Over the past few months, these nails have become trendy. The main reasons behind its popularity are the durability and hardy look. 

So how long do acrylic nails last? Although the period can vary depending on various factors, a standard acrylic manicure stays for over 3 weeks. If the polishing is good, these nails will last for over than a month. 

How Long Do Acrylic Nails Last Naturally?

There had been lots of questions and debates on this particular topic. Here I will share the information from my research and experience. 

How long do acrylic nails last naturally?

When you ask about the natural durability of acrylic nails, first learn which type of manicure I am referring to. For example, the acrylic polish is standard quality, not done from any cheap local shop. Or the materials used for the acrylic nails are branded, not any replica. Again, the manicure has been done following the standard procedures. If you have done your acrylic nails at home or used low-quality stuff, the durability can be less than the usual one.

Generally, when the professionals do acrylic nails, those can last for two or three weeks. The better the quality of the nails, the more durable they will be. Here are two must conditions anyone should maintain for good acrylic nails: 

  1. The manicurist should prepare the acrylic set from the combination of monomer (liquid) and polymer (powder). 
  2. The expert should air-dry the polish properly. 

However, your acrylic manicure will last for six to eight weeks if you refill and repair them every two or three weeks. 

How long do acrylic nails last before they fall off? 

If you have done acrylic nails before, you must know after a certain period, the nails fall off on their own. Now the question arises, why the nails fall off and when.

How long do acrylic nails last before they fall off

Here are two possible reasons: 

  1. In case you haven’t repaired or refilled your acrylic nails for weeks, the nails can start falling off. When you have them for an extended period, the nails glue dissolves or gets weak. As a result, the acrylic nails can peel off.  
  2. There is a balance between the fake acrylic nails and the original one. As the nails start growing naturally, it creates an imbalance in the center. Hence, the nails fall off. 

Now, it is time to answer the main question, how long acrylic nails can stay before falling off. Generally, after two or three weeks, any acrylic nails will start peeling off if you do not refill them. If you are talking about the complete fall off, that can take about 4 to 6 weeks. 

But here is the thing. You should not let the nails fall entirely off on their own. Instead, remove them yourselves before they pop off. If you keep growing the original nails under the fake ones, this can do great harm. 

How long does it take to get acrylic nails off

You know that taking off acrylic nails are harder than most other manicures. And so, it takes more time. The removal period depends on the design and material of your acrylic nail polish.

How long does it take to get acrylic nails off?

The standard time for removing acrylic nails is 20 to 25 minutes. You may need 30 to 40 minutes to wipe off every bit of acrylic polish from your nails in some cases. 

Why do your acrylic nails keep popping off

I have seen many girls complaining about their acrylic nails popping off. So, why does this happened? The reason behind this incident can be both mild or severe. Ignoring the situation can sometimes cause health issues. 

Here are some reasons behind popping off acrylic nails:

  1. Some people can be allergic to acrylic powders and liquid. Their nails build resistance to the materials, and as a result, the nails fall off. 
  2. The materials used on the manicure can weaken the nails’ adherence, so they keep popping off. 
  3. Applying acrylic nails are not easy. If the manicurist messes up any step, it can ruin the whole acrylic nails. And those nails will not last even one week. 
  4. Before wearing the acrylic polish, you need to prepare your nails for the manicure. The nails will pop off if you apply the acrylic paste on an unprepared nail. 

How often should you get a new set of acrylic nails

Acrylic nails are really durable if you can maintain the manicure. The polish starts fading in 2 to 3 weeks. You need to go to the salon for refill and repair. If you can take great care, the acrylic nails will last for 2 months.

How often should you get a new set of acrylic nails

When you are talking about a full new set of acrylic nails, consider air pockets’ conditions. It means you can try a new manicure if the natural nails have totally pulled away from the underside of acrylic nails. The standard time to get a new set is after 6 to 12 months. 

How to make your acrylic nails stay on for a longer period? 

Yes, it is possible to make your acrylic nails last a bit longer. With the proper techniques and tips, you can do it too. Here are some of the tips you can follow: 

  • Hydrate your nails and cuticles with moisturizer or oil. 
  • While doing any kitchen chores, wear gloves. 
  • Typing for so long can damage the tips. You can use finger pads to protect them. 
  • Be careful while opening something. Make sure your nails do not get broken. 


There is another question I often get. How long do acrylic nails last on bitten nails, or can you get an acrylic manicure on short nails? Yes, you can, and the manicure will last the average time. You may need extra materials to fill the nails. 

Acrylic nails will soon become the talk of the town because of its long-lasting quality. If you are looking for something trendy and gorgeous, go for this nail manicure.

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