What Is SNS Nails? – All The Things You Must To Know

What Is SNS Nails

When it comes to nail painting, some of the girls suddenly become very picky. Hundreds of mind-boggling nail arts pop up in their head, and they can not decide the right one. If you are one of them, let me add one more nail polishing idea to your list. 

You must have heard about acrylic or gel manicure, but have you ever tried the SNS nails? This polishing style is not new, but recently it has gained immense popularity. So, what is SNS nails, and is the method worth trying? You will get all your answers throughout this article.

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What Is SNS Nails

What is SNS Nails

Signature nail system or people call it SNS in short. You can also call it as dip powder nails or dip powder manicure. This nail painting is different from the average nail polishing you do. 

The SNS is mainly a powder dipping system accompanied by the brush on where a gel polish is used as a base. The combination of the gel, powder, and glue makes the nail polish last longer. The SNS manicure is available in various colors and shades.

Even though the method does not require any light or UV to dry the polish, it is durable and robust. How? The SNS color and shades are consist of acrylic ester polymer, benzoyl peroxide, and titanium dioxide. All these elements make the polish strong and hard to wear off.

What Is SNS Nails

Is SNS Nails the right choice for you? 

With so many options around, it can be difficult for you to decide which nail enhancement you really want. When it comes to nail painting, girls often have a weakness for the acrylic nail polishing. Let’s see if SNS Nails features can beat the acrylic nails and make you change your mind or not. 

SNS nails vs. acrylic nails 

◾ What is SNS Nails and acrylic nails? You already know the basics of the SNS nails. Let’s focus on the acrylic nails on this point. Acrylic nails stand for artificial nails. This nail enhancement makes the fingernails look longer and thinner. 

◾ If you are are looking for a budget-friendly nail painting, acrylic nails will cost you fewer bucks. 

◾ Wearing SNS nail polish is easy. Even if you are a beginner, you can apply SNS nail enhancement at home. On the other hand, you have to practice acrylic nails following two steps. You need to go to a salon to get the perfect acrylic nails. 

◾ Acrylic nails are more durable and long-lasting than the SNS nails. The SNS nail polish lasts for 2 to 3 weeks, whereas the acrylics manicures will last for a month. 

◾ The material selection in both nail enhancement is different. For example, SNS manicure consists of an acrylic base accompanied by the resin powder. On the other hand, acrylic is the only core material that has been used in the artificial nail application. 

◾ Removal of the SNS nails is not that hard. With the proper technique, anyone can remove SNS nails at home. But to wipe off the acrylic nails, you must seek help from the professional nail artists. 

◾ After the initial setting of the acrylic nails, you have to fill the nails with polish each week to maintain the shiny look. Also, your acrylic nails can break if you are not careful. With the SNS nails, you do not have to face these types of issues. 

What Is SNS Nails

You can now compare the two nail paint techniques by yourself. Even though the choice depends on you, SNS Nails always worth a try.

SNS nails the pros and cons 

Like other nail art techniques, SNS nails have some pros and cons too. But comparing to other alternatives, this nail enhancement method is far better.

Pros of SNS nails 

🔸 For a creative mind, SNS nail is the best. This method allows you to apply different colors and shades on your nails. 

🔸 The most significant advantage of SNS nails is its robustness. The nails can last for more than a month without any damage. 

🔸 SNS nails look so terrific and natural that sometimes it seems there is no polish on the nails at all. 

🔸 Many girls can not endure the smell of nail polish. For them, SNS nails can be a life savior. This nail enhancement method is totally odorless. No matter if you do it at home or in the salon, SNS nail has no artificial fragrance. 

🔸 Some nail polish techniques can get too messy but not the SNS nails. 

🔸 SNS nails take less time to apply and last a long time.

🔸 The best part of wearing SNS nails is that the removal of this nail paint is effortless. Even you can remove the dip powder at home.

🔸 The application process of SNS nails is smooth and comfortable. You do not have to dry your nails under UV lights.

Cons of SNS nails

🔸 If you are going to a salon to get your SNS nails, the biggest concern is its sanitation. This nail enhancement method can be unsanitary sometimes. But if you do it with your SNS nail kit at home, then there is no risk.

🔸 Even though the removal process of the SNS nails is easy, it takes a lot of time. If you rush, you can end up damaging your nails. 

🔸 In the SNS application process, we use glue to create a solid bond. This component can damage your fingernails if you reapply it several times. 

How to do SNS nails at home

Applying SNS nails at home is really easy. You will just need the proper kits, and you are ready to go. Here are the materials you need for SNS nails: 

🔸 Nail file

🔸 Nail colors

🔸 Nail glue 

🔸 Dipping powder 

🔸 Acetone

🔸 Cotton pads

What Is SNS Nails

First of all, cut the extension of your nails and bring them at your desired length. Now file the nails and apply the base solution. 

After that, dip your fingernails in the nail powder. Again use the base solution and repeat the process several times. 

You can add colors and shades of your choice. Finally, use acetone absorbed cotton pads to wipe off powder from your skin. 

So, what is SNS Nails? I bet you have got all your answers regarding this nail enhancement technique now. Before applying the SNS nails, make sure you know how to wear and remove them without damaging the skin or nails.

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