How to Remove Dip Powder Nails: 5 Methods You Must Know

how to remove dip powder nails
how to remove dip powder nails

I guess there are very few girls who haven’t heard about the dip powder nails technique. This nail polishing method is fantastic and can last for more than a month. However, this technique has a major drawback, which is the resin layer is very thick. And so, you have to go to the salon every time to remove the dip powder nails. 

But wait, what if I tell you removing dip powder nails can be done without any professional help? In this article, you will get several methods on how to remove dip powder nails at home. All these methods are effective and do not harm your nails at all. 

Dip powder nail removal kit 

Before starting the removal of your dip powdered nails, gather all the kits you will need during the process. To be honest, looking for things in the middle of the manicure can mess with your concentration. Also, it will lower the quality of nail mani.

You may find several techniques to remove dip powder nails. Each method demands different kinds of kits. For your convenience, here is an overall kit list that will need. 

🔸 Nail filer

🔸 Cotton balls 

🔸 100% acetone

🔸 Aluminium foil 

🔸 Cuticle oil 

🔸 Buffer block 

🔸 Large bowl

🔸 Small bowl

🔸 Paper towel 

Now let’s talk about the techniques on how to remove dip powder nails

1. How to remove dip nails with acetone

How to remove dip nails with acetone

This is the most common and easiest way to remove the dip powder nails at home. Here are the steps to do that: 

🔸 Start with sanding down the shiny top coating of your powder nails. Filing the resin layers will weaken the adhesive bond. Hence, the acetone will get dissolved easily. 

🔸 Now take a large bowl of hot water and place the two small bowls inside it. The water temperature should not be so high that it burns your fingers. You better microwave the water for less than 1 minute, and it will be enough. 

🔸 Soak some paper towels in acetone and place them in the small bowls. The towels should not be so saturated that the alcohol drips from them. Rather wet the towels in such a way that they can soak the dip powders in your nails. 

🔸 You are almost done, just follow a few more steps. Place your fingernails in the acetone soaked paper towels. Wait for 15 to 20 minutes so that the powder can soak a good amount of acetone. If you do not give enough time, the alcohol will be effectless on the powder and adhesive. 

🔸 After 20 minutes, the powder and adhesive will come out automatically. Wipe off your nails with the same paper towels to clean the remainings. If there is any more residue, you can simply file it off with a nail filer.

2. How to remove dip nails with drill 

Removing the dip powders with a drill instead of using acetone, doesn’t it sound exciting? I am obviously talking about the small nail drill bits, so do not worry. 

How to remove dip nails with drill

To follow this method, you must need a set of nail drill bits. The drill set offers different size of bits, which can give really impressive results. Now here is the thing. The drill quality and efficiency can vary from product to product. I will suggest you buy a good one that offers a minimum of 3 bits and does not heat up easily.

Start sanding down the coating with the widest drill bit and then use the smaller one. In the end, give a finishing touch with the smallest bit. The small bit can file the cuticle area smoothly. 

Removing the powder nails with drilling can take a long time. You have to keep drilling until the base coat flakes come off. The bits are totally safe, and in most cases, you will not get a scratch. Personally, I prefer this method as it gives the nails more professional look. After finishing, hydrate your nails with coconut or cuticle oil. 

3. How to remove dip nails without acetone

Many people can not endure the smell of acetone. If you are one of them and looking for the tutorials to remove dip nails without acetone, this part is for you. Well, drilling is the best option if you do not want to use any alcohol. 

You may find other tutorials that include removing the powder with oils or lotion. But you will not get a satisfactory result from those methods. 

4. How to remove dip powder nails with aluminium foil 

How to remove dip powder nails with aluminium foil

This is a traditional method, and the result is quite pleasing. To remove powder nails with foil, follow the steps given below: 

🔸 Sand down the top coating of each fingernail with a nail filer. 

🔸 Take small cotton balls and soak them in a bowl of acetone. The size of the cotton balls should be big enough to cover your nails. Also, do not wet the balls so much that the acetone starts dripping off. 

🔸 Now place the cotton ball on your fingernail and wrap the finger with an aluminium foil or any other wrapper. Make sure the ball stays in place and do not move. 

🔸 Keep the wrapping for 20 minutes. 

🔸 While removing the wrapper, use a twisting motion and give a press on the nails. The powder will come off with the cotton balls.

🔸 You can use a cuticle stick or filer to remove any residue on the nails.

5. Remove the dip powder with nail steamer 

If you have enough money to spend on a nail steamer, then removing dip powder is a cup of tea for you. I am not bluffing. The nail steamers are pretty expensive and effective. Instead of water, it steams acetone.

How to Remove the dip powder with nail steamer

You can start by filing your nails. Then pour acetone in the machine cups and put your fingers into the holes. Turn the steamer on and wait for the machine to do its magic. If you want a fast result, take a small break and scrap off the powder with an orange stick. 

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You have got 5 different methods on how to remove dip powder nails at home. Why do you need going to the salon when you know all the tricks? Try these amazing techniques and get the professional style manicure at home today.