How Much Are Acrylic Nails? – Quality Depends On The Price

How much are acrylic nails

Over the past few years, acrylic nails have gained a huge fan base. This manicure is quick-drying and more durable than most other polishes. To get the finest acrylic nails, you must go to a saloon. 

The thought of visiting a salon raises a few questions in our minds. For example, how much are acrylic nails? Is the manicure money worth spending? Can’t you have salon-like acrylic nails at home?

The questions are obvious, but there is no proper answer to them. The standard acrylic nails manicure can cost you 35 to 45 dollars. The price can go up or down, depending on various factors. 

If you are wondering how much the acrylic nails cost. Or what factors decide this manicure rate, then this article is for you. Read to the end of this article to get a clear idea on this topic. 

How much are acrylic nails? 

Although the answer can vary, I am stating the price of the acrylic nails taking the USA as a model. 

The price range for a full set is somewhere between 20 to 100 dollars. However, for the fill, a salon can charge you 15 to 160 dollars. You may find cheap places to get acrylic nails at the cost of 10 dollars. But obviously, you will not get high quality manicure there. 

For clear and simple acrylic nails, the regular costing is 60 dollars. You can get this full set manicure at 35 dollars and acrylic nails with tips at 30 dollars in a standard salon. However, if you want to shape your nails or polish them, you have to pay 2 to 5 dollars more. Many salons claim extra service charges too. 

Factors that decide the price of acrylic nails 

From the very beginning, I have been telling you that the price of the acrylic nails depends on some factors. For example: 

🔸 Saloon quality 

🔸 Location of the saloon

🔸 The expertise of the nail manicurist 

🔸 Your service type 

You can expect a low price, if 

🔸 The salon is not popular

🔸 The shop is not situated in a busy place

🔸 The manicurist is not an expert 

🔸 You are not looking for a high quality nail service. 

If these are not the case, get ready to pay a good amount of money for your manicure. According to experts, the price range of the acrylic nails can be divided into 3 sections. Such as: 

🔸 Low price level: Generally, the local shops and salons are in this category. You can get your acrylic nails done from here at 10 dollars, but the quality may not be satisfactory. 

🔸 Mid price level: Spas and salons charge an average price for your nail polish. The outcome is pretty amazing. Depending on the price range, some spas offer high quality nail manicure from expert manicurists. 

🔸 High price level: If you have ever taken nail services from hotel and resort spas, you must know their starting price. Their service rate is too high, and sometimes they charge extra bucks. But the good thing is they offer premium quality acrylic nails. 

Acrylic nails price for design and brands 

I have only discussed the price of simple acrylic nails. Don’t you want to know how much more you need to pay for designs? 

The white and pink acrylic nails take more time and materials to complete. So, the price for a full set of these can cost you around 50 to 80 dollars. If you want a creative design like solar tips, french tips, holiday themed patterns, you have to pay 100 to 120 dollars.

Acrylic nails price for design and brands

If you go for branded materials and acrylic nails, it will cost you extra bucks. Some local salons give you the option to choose between the brand or non brand material. But the high quality salons always use branded materials and nails. You should always choose the brand for the sake of your nail’s safety. 

If you have long nails, then you may have to pay 5 to 10 dollars more. It is because the salon will need extra time and materials to cover the nails. However, if you are in a tight budget, you can try acrylic nails with tips. This will cost you a lot less money and time. 

How much are acrylic nails repair

The growth of your natural nails will not stop growing under artificial nail surfaces. Soon you will notice a line between the cuticle and the acrylic finishing. To limit the gap, you need to visit the salon for repairing your acrylic nails. And of course, visiting a salon will cost you money. But how much are we talking? 

Generally, you need two visits to the salon for refilling and repairing your acrylic nails. The full set can cost you about 10 to 15 dollars. The salons usually charge one third of the main manicure’s rate for the repair. 

Refilling and repairing for the designed nails will cost you more than the standard rates. If you want to cut your budget in this section, follow the tips given below: 

🔸 Keep your acrylic nails dry to prevent them from breaking. 

🔸 You can wear gloves while doing household works to keep the nails safe. 

Are doing acrylic nails at salon worth money? 

This depends on your personal preferences. If you want a premium quality manicure, you must visit a good salon. Some places offer perfect acrylic nails. Those high quality manicures are totally worth spending money. 

If you are on a budget, I recommend doing acrylic nails at home instead of doing it at a cheap saloon. The local places do not offer a satisfactory outcome. To apply this manicure at home, you will just need a full set of acrylic nails kit and patience.

Are doing acrylic nails at salon worth money

The removal of acrylic nails can be hard and a little painful. If you do not know how to remove acrylic nails at home, go to the nearest salon. Do not harm your nails while doing experiments with the acrylic nails. 

How much are acrylic nails, or is that manicure worth money? These are the two most common questions people ask after learning about acrylic nails. I hope this article has cleared all the facts, and you guys have got the answer.

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