A Complete Guide On How To Remove Powder Nails At Home

how to remove powder nails

Are you one of those who prefer powdering their nails at home instead of going to the fancy salon? Powder nails are popular because it is an easy and quick process to apply. Not only that, but the long-wear powder polish can also last for more than a month. 

Believe me or not, the removal of powder nails is as simple as to wear it. If you are wondering how to remove powder nails at home, then worry no more. You have clicked just the article you need right now. This article will guide you to the complete removal of your polish. Also, you will get to know the different methods of doing it. 

how to remove powder nails

Can You Remove Powder Nails at Home?

Most of you will not believe me saying that you can remove powder polish at home. Yeah, the dip powder nail polishes indeed consist of several layers of resins. It creates a thick manicure which can be hard to remove. If you want to clean it at home, then the task becomes harder. 

But with the proper method, you can remove the powder nails easily, even at home. You can find them in the upcoming sections. 

Ways you can remove powder nails 

There are several ways of removing powder polish. Some of the top effective ways are: 

✔️ Using Aluminium Foil

✔️ Using Acetone

✔️ Without Using Acetone 

Now, let’s discuss all these methods one by one. 

Powder Nail Removal Kit

No matter which method you follow to remove your powder polish, you will need some kits. For example:

  1. Cotton balls/ Paper towels 
  2. Acetone/Oil/Lotion
  3. Nail filer
  4. Buffer (optional)

How to remove powder nails using aluminium foil

how to remove powder nails using aluminium foil

You can remove the dip powder with aluminium foil by following only five simple steps. 

  1. First of all, you have to sand down the shinny coatings on your powder nails. Filing the top layer of each nail is very important for polish removal. You can use a nail filer to remove the top nail coatings. Make sure to file each nail evenly and thoroughly so that the powder can come off more easily. 
  2. Now pour pure acetone in a bowl. Take pieces of cotton balls and soak them into the alcohol. The size of each cotton ball should be big enough to cover your fingernails. Do not soak the pieces of cotton into such a manner that the acetone drips from your nails when you use them. But make sure each cotton ball absorbs enough acetone to soak the powders from the nails. 
  3. Put the acetone absorbed cotton balls on each of your fingernails. Take an aluminium foil and wrap it around your finger. Make sure that the aluminium wrapper covers the nails and holds the cotton in the proper place. 
  4. You have to wait for 15 to 20 minutes with the wrapper around your fingers. During the time, the nails will soak acetone from the cotton. Do not move either the foil or the ball before the time has elapsed. 
  5. Now is the time to remove both the foil and the ball. While removing them, press slightly on each nail. This way, the powder will come off with the cotton. If there is any residue, use the nail filers to clean them.

how to remove powder nails using aluminium foil

How to remove powder nails using acetone 

Removing powder nails is only 7 steps away from you. Just follow the guidelines given below. 

  1. Powder nails are hard to remove. That is why you have to sand down the surface layer of each nail with a nail filer. Filing the nails will make it easier to wipe off the powders. 
  2. Take two bowls, one large and one small. Make sure the small one fits into the large bowl. 
  3. Fill the large bowl with warm water. The water temperature should be suitable for you. To avoid burning temperature, you can microwave the water for less than 1 minute. 
  4. Place the small bowl inside the large one. Now soak your fingers in hot water. 
  5. Take a mug and pour acetone in it. Dip some paper towels in that acetone and then put them in the small bowl. You can fold the towels into halves so that they can soak the maximum amount of alcohol. The towels do not need to be so saturated that the acetone starts dripping. 
  6. Now place your fingernails inside the acetone absorbed paper towels. Let the nails sit there for 15 to 20 minutes so that the powders can soak acetone properly. If you can not stand the smell of this alcohol, open the windows.
  7. After that particular time, take off your fingers from the small bowls and wipe off the powders with the paper towels. You can use a nail filer to clean any residue from the nails.

how to remove powder nails using acetone

How to remove powder nails without using acetone

Most people want to know if it is possible to remove powder nails without even using acetones. The answer is, yes, it is possible. But the removal of the powders may not be proper and good enough. Here are the steps you need to follow to remove powder nails without acetone: 

  1. File the shinny coating from the top of each nail.
  2. Use a buffer to smoothen the nail surface.
  3. Take a bowl of warm water and soak your nails for 10 to 15 minutes.
  4. Use oil or lotion to wipe off the powder from the fingernails. 
  5. If there is any residue, sand it down using the nail filer. 

If you want a smooth removal, use a nail drill bit. 

The ultimate hack to remove powder nails at home

By far, you have realized the main tricks of removing powder nails. In this section, you will get the ultimate technique that is followed by most of the beauticians. 

  1. Take your nail clippers and cut down the nails to the natural length. 
  2. File to the top surface of each nail with a filer. 
  3. Dip your fingernails in a bowl of acetone for at least 10 to 20 minutes until you notice powder flakes. Rub petroleum jelly on your fingertips to save it from the acetone.
  4. Use an orangewood stick or metal pusher to scrape off the powders from the nails. 
  5. To remove any residue, use a buffer. It also smoothens the nail surface. 
  6. By now, your nails have lost its moisture due to the polishing and acetone. Massage oil or lotion to hydrate your nails. 

Now you know all the tips and tricks on how to remove powder nails. If you can follow the instructions correctly, the job will no longer be hard. Also, you will get the salon-like powder nails removal at home.