A Complete Guide On How To Remove SNS Nails At Home

How To Remove Sns Nails

Admit it or not, visiting the salon each time you need to remove your SNS nails, can be expensive. On top of that, you need to free your schedule to match the appointment of the manicurist. Are all these things worth your time and money when you can take off the SNS manicure on your own? 

How To Remove Sns Nails

Yes, that is right. You can wipe off or repair this manicure, sitting at home using simple household supplies. If you are looking for the techniques, then this article is for you. In this article, you will get different methods on how to remove SNS nails at home. 

To get a clear concept, read until the end of this article. 

How To Remove SNS Nails At Home 

There are several techniques available around you for taking off the SNS nails. Some of these methods work effectively, and some may take a long time to show satisfactory results. Here, I will discuss several ways to remove SNS nails, and you can follow whichever you like. 

Preparing the nails before the main removal process can make the whole thing a lot efficient and fast. Even in the salon, the manicurists take time to scrape off the surface polish. You have to do the same at home. 

You will need two supplies, a buffer block, and a nail filer. Sand down the shiny top layer of the SNS with the filer. Try to scrape as much as you can. For an effective result, make small strokes with the filer. However, you can use the buffing block to make the nails ready for polish removal. 

Once you have done the filing, now you can follow any methods you want. 

How To Remove Sns Nails

How To Remove SNS Nails With White Vinegar 

I think you will find white vinegar in every house. Do you know this vinegar can help you with beauty tips? The vinegar is acidic and has the ability to clean your polish and makeups. 

If you want to remove your SNS nails with the white vinegar, pour some in a bowl. Then soak your nails with the vinegar for 15 to 20 minutes. You will see the powder layers coming off from the nails. Wipe them off with a paper towel, and you are done. 

Many experts do not recommend using white vinegar, although it can quickly remove your SNS nail polish. Why? It is because soaking your nails for too long in this substance can make your skin and nails rough. Even if you want to try this technique, do not so this regularly. Also, moisture your nails with oil or lotion afterward. 

How does toothpaste remove SNS nails? 

Yes, you can use toothpaste to take off your SNS nails. But only toothpaste is not enough. You need to prepare a mixture of baking soda and toothpaste for getting effective results. 

The ratio of both elements has to be equal. After making the mixture, rub it on your nails with a toothbrush. The whole process can take a long time. 

Use Acetone to Remove SNS Nails 

Acetone is the most used substance in the removal of SNS manicure. To take off your nails, you will need pure acetone, cotton pads, and aluminum foil. 

How To Remove Sns Nails

Soak the cotton pads with acetone and place them on your nails. Wrap your finger with the foil so that the pads do not move from the nails. Wait for 15 to 20 minutes and then remove the wrappers. The SNS polish will fall off with the cotton pads. Remove any residue with acetone soaked paper towels or cotton. 

If you do not have any type of foil, you can still use this method. For that, you will need two bowls, a large one and a small one. Make sure the small bowel can sit in the large one. 

Pour warm water in the large bowl and acetone in the small one. Put your nails in the acetone bowl and keep there until the polish come off. After removing your fingers from the bowl, wipe off each nail with acetone soaked cotton pads. 

Using acetone can make your skin and nails rough. Hydrate them with moisturizer or cuticle oil. 

Take off SNS nails with hot water 

Obviously, you can not remove the SNS nails with only hot water. You will need a bag of acetone for this purpose. You can call this one as the baggy method. 

First of all, pour 3 ounces of pure acetone in a zip lock bag. Now take a bowl of hot water and put that bag inside the bowl. Make sure the water is not too hot that will burn your skin. 

How To Remove Sns Nails

Place your nails in the zip bag and let them soak in the acetone properly. Wait until all the powders fall off. The whole process will take a maximum of 25 minutes.

Remove your nails and wipe them off with a paper towel. You can make the process fast by scraping off the top layers in the middle of the process. 

How to take off SNS nails without acetone 

Many people can not endure the strong smell of acetone. They often look for methods that do not require any use of acetone. If you are one of them, then this technique is for you. 

To remove your SNS manicure without acetone, you will need an alternative to that substance. For example, alcohol or vodka. After sanding down the glossy layer of your manicure, place your nails in a bowl of alcohol. Wait for 10 minutes so that all your nails can soak in alcohol properly. 

How To Remove Sns Nails

Once the powder layer gets soften, scrape them off with the filer. Then again soak the nails in the alcohol. Repeat the process until your manicure totally comes off. Use a paper towel to wipe nails. 

As alcohol is not as fast working as acetone, the method is a bit time-consuming. Also, some people do not get a satisfactory result at the end. 

Now you know 4 different methods on how to remove SNS nails. You may not get a satisfactory result if you do hurry. But with patience and practice, you can have a salon-like SNS removal at home. 

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