How To Take Off Dip Nails Efficiently At Home

how to take off dip nails

Are you looking for effective techniques to take off your dip nails? Then this is just the article you need. Recently, dip nails have become trendy and quite fashionable among beauty enthusiasts. 

People love this long-lasting nail enhancement as an alternative to other manicures. But the problem with this technique is that the removal of dip nails is tough. The good news is that some tips can help you take off your dip powdered nails at home.  

how to take off dip nails

In this article, you will get all those top methods on how to take off dip nails. If you follow these techniques, you will get a salon-like dip nails removal within an hour. 

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Kits you need to take off your dips nails

Dip nails are consist of a base coat, glue, polish, and powder. All these elements make the nail paint robust and last for more than 3 weeks. It is obvious you can not remove this strong polish with just a nail polish remover. If you want to wipe off your dip nails completely, you will need some extra tools. Such as: 

✔ Nail filer

✔ Nail buffer

✔ 100% acetone

✔ Cotton pads

These are the essential kits that have been used for polish removal. You may have to add or remove any tool according to the method you are following. Before moving ahead on how to take off dip nails, make sure you can manage all these kits. 

How to take off dip nails with acetone 

Using acetone is the best way to remove dip nails. This is one of the most common and easiest techniques you will ever find to take off your powder nails. 

You have to start with filing down the top coating of the manicure to make the removal easier and faster. You can use either a nail filer or buffer to scuff away the shiny layer of the dip nails. This step is not tiring at all, even some people enjoy sanding down the powder. 

how to take off dip nails

You have to scape as much as possible to make the removal more efficient. However, your sole focus should be on removing the shiny sealant on the surface of each nail. Experts suggest taking quick and short motions while filing the dip nails. You can also use an electronic filer for scuffing off the top coating.

Now take a small bowl and pour 100% acetone in it. Make sure that at least ⅓ of the bowl is filled with acetone. Using more acetone can make your fingers dry. 

Submerge your nails in the acetone and try holding your fingers in a claw-like position to minimize acetone contact. Stay in that position for 10 to 15 minutes. Or in other words, wait until your dip powder products come loose. 

Most of the polish must have fallen off by now. To wipe off the residue, you can use a cotton ball. Soak the cotton in acetone and dab the ball along your nail surface. 

Rub off the extra powders from your fingernails. If there is more product left on the surface, you may need more acetone soaked cotton balls. As you are not scratching off the residue, there will be no damage to your nails. 

Your fingers can get dry because of the acetone. After finishing the removal of dip nails, massage cuticle oil, or petroleum jelly on your skin to hydrate it. 

How to take off dip nails without acetone 

If you can not endure the smell of acetone, then this method is especially for you. In this section, I will discuss a step by step guide on how to remove dip nails without acetone. 

At first, you have to sand down the top layer of the dipped nails with an e filer or regular nail filer. Grinding the shiny coating can be tough. So, you do not have to scuff away everything on the nails. Instead, focus on filing the glossy surface. 

how to take off dip nails

As applying acetone is not an option here, use rubbing alcohol instead. If you do not have any rubbing alcohol at home, other alcohol substances like vodka or hand sanitizers will also work. 

Take a small bowl and fill it half with isopropyl alcohol. Soak your dipped nails in the substance for 20 minutes. As rubbing alcohol is not as strong as acetone, the removal may take some time. However, depending on your dip nails, you may have to file off the powders in the layer. 

In case you do not have any alcohol, use white vinegar to take off the dip nails. All you need to do is pour distilled white vinegar in the bowl and soak your nails for 20 to 30 minutes. Try filing down the soft products in between the soaking process. If there is any residue, sand it down with an e-filer or buffer. 

How to take off dip nails with hot water 

You have read the heading right. You can use hot water to remove the dip nails but not without acetone. Using both hot water and acetone will loosen the dip powder fast. To remove dip nails with hot water, you will need a zip bag. 

Pour 1 ounce of acetone inside the zip bag and lock it. Take a large bowl of hot water. You have to make sure the water is not so hot that it burns your fingers. To maintain a safe temperature, microwave the water for 60 seconds. 

how to take off dip nails

Now place the zip bag in the bowl and soak your nails in the acetone. Do not forget to sand away the glossy coating on your nails before starting everything. Keep your nails inside the zip bag until the dip powder flakes come off. To fasten the whole process, you can use an orange stick to scrape off the soft products. 

Using both acetone and hot water can make your fingers rough. Hence, use an oil or lotion to hydrate your skin. 

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Now you know how to take off dip nails at home. These methods are totally safe and effective. But if you are not comfortable, feel free to visit a salon to take off your dip nails.