A Complete Tutorial On How To Make Fake Nails At Home

how to make fake nails at home

Over the years, fake nails have become very trendy and fashionable. And so the demand for these artificial nails is very high in the market. 

I personally love wearing fake nails and doing different nail arts on them. But spending money each time I want a new nail art has become a bit expensive for me. So, I have started looking around for ideas on how to make fake nails at home. Fortunately, I have got various hacks, and most of them work perfectly. 

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how to make fake nails at home

If you are on a budget and still want fashionable paints with fake nails, give this article a read. You will get different methods to make fake nails. 

How to make fake nails with your household items 

Believe me or not, you can use tape, glue, straws, and papers to make beautiful fake nails. The best thing about these hacks is nobody can notice those nails are not factory-made. So, let’s jump on the mission. 

How to make fake nails with tape 

I am sure you will find no house without a sellotape or scotch tape. These tapes are transparent and give a cloudy vibe. These ordinary tapes are best for making fake nails. 

First of all, cut a strip of the sellotape. The length of the strip must be double the size of your nail. Now place the piece on your nail in such a manner that it covers your whole nail. The extra part should extend past the nails. 

Put a little pressure on the sides of the strip. The tape will bend and sit, taking the shape of your nail. If there is an extra part of the tape, cut it with a trimmer. After that, paint the underside of the tape with your desired nail polish color. This will make the part hard, and it will not stick with things. However, do not touch anything until the color gets dried. 

Some experts suggest buffing the nails down so that the tape becomes less visible. You are done making fake nails with sellotape, now it is time to decorate them using nail colors. 

Apply the nail polish on the tape following the regular rules. You can definitely wear more than one nail color. But for that, apply the second color after the first one dries out. 

You can decorate the nail polish with straws or sprinkles. In case you do not want to use nail polish, feel free to apply stickers on the tape. This will look beautiful too. 

How to make fake nails with paper 

I am sure many of you will get surprised to see the heading. Yes, you can make professional-looking fake nails using papers too. How? 

how to make fake nails at home

Well, to make fake nails with the paper, you will need the following things: 

🔹 Paper

🔹 White glue

🔹 Scissors 

🔹 Nail polish 

🔹 Nail brush 

First of all, cut all the papers using the scissors. Give them the same shape of your nails. To bend the paper nails, roll them on a pencil. Buff your nails before wearing the fake nails. 

Use white glues to stick the papers on your nails. To get hard nails, you have to use a minimum of five layers of paper for each nail. 

Once you are finished with sticking all the papers on your nail, wait for 3 to 5 minutes. Next, take your desired color polish and paint your fake nails both sides with the nail brush. You can do decorations on the fake nails using straws and accessories. 

How to make fake nails with straws 

Personally, I prefer this method. I think this is the easiest way to make colorful fake nails. For this method, you will need colorful straws, white glue, wax paper, and hair straightener. 

how to make fake nails at home

Now follow the given instructions to make fake nails from your straws: 

🔹 Cut the straws at the double size of your nails. 

🔹 Put the piece in a wax paper and straight the paper with the hair straightener. 

🔹 Now bend the straight straw pieces by rolling them on a pencil. 

🔹 Give the straw pieces the shape of your nails. Your fake nails are ready.

🔹 Put a base of white glue on your nail. 

🔹 Place a fake nail on the nail and hold it for 20 seconds. Soon it will attach to your nail. 

🔹 To make the fake nails more shiny and glossy, you can wear a top coat over them. 

How to make fake nails with plastic 

Plastic is the easiest thing to find around us. Many girls can not have faith in the hardness of the paper, straws, or tapes. For them, fake plastic nails are the best option. 

To make fake nails, cut a large portion of plastic from your unused bottle. Roll the plastic piece and tie it with a ribbon. Then put it inside a bowl of hot water and leave there for 3 minutes. 

The heat will make it to give shape to the plastic. After removing the plastic from the water, cut it with scissors. Now provide the pieces with the exact shape like your nails. Your fake nails are ready. 

how to make fake nails at home

File your nails with a filer and put some nail glue on the surface. Place the fake plastic nails and let them dry for some minutes. You can buff them once they are hard enough.

You will find no difference between a plastic homemade fake nail and a readymade one. Finally, color the nails with your favorite nail polishes. 

How to make homemade nail glue 

You can see you need nail glue, no matter which method you follow. You can buy adhesives from the store or make it yourself using three simple steps. 

🔹 Take a clear container and pour some PVA or white glue there. 

🔹 Add clear nail polish to the glue.

🔹 Mix both PVA glue and nail polish using a Q tip. And your nail glue is ready. 

Making fake nails is not a big of a deal. If you have an artistic mind, you can experiment more with these nails. I hope with these tutorials on how to make fake nails, your task will become easier.

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