Must-Try Methods On How To Dry Nails Fast

how to dry nails fast

Trying out new nail polishes is always exciting. Admit it that no outfit look complete without the touch of the latest manicure. Everything is good until you have to wait a long time for curing the polish. Isn’t this part make you avoid trying new manicure? 

What if I tell you, you can dry your nails in a few minutes? It will sound like a dream, right? Well, not anymore. Several hacks allow you to dry your nails fast. 

If you are bored with the old techniques, then read this tutorial on how to dry nails fast. In this article, you will get several methods to cure your polish in a couple of minutes. 

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how to dry nails fast

How To Dry Nails Fast: 6 Different Methods 

Generally, it takes 10 to 12 minutes to cure polish. But I will give you some methods which can make the drying process fast and more efficient. 

1. Apply thin layers of nail polish 

I have seen many girls wearing heavy layers of nail polish. It is obvious that a thick layer will take more time to cure. However, heavy manicures can smudge easily while drying. 

how to dry nails fast

So, if you can apply thin and light layers, your polish will cure much sooner than you can imagine. There is a certain way to apply a thin layer of nail polish. Here are some tips: 

✔ After taking off the nail brush from the polish container, wipe off the extra polish from the brush. 

✔ Once you are done applying one layer, give your nails 1 to 3 minutes for drying. You can apply a maximum of 2 to 3 layers of polish on each nail. 

✔ Wear nail polish on one nail at a time. 

In this whole process, you may need more time to apply the polish, but you will get a quick drying nail set.  

2. How to dry nails fast with hairspray 

You can use either cooking spray or hairspray to dry your nails fast. Using cooking spray may seem a little odd, but trust me, it works fine. To apply any of these sprays, you have to be extra careful. Hold the container half a foot away from the fingertips while spraying. 

Make sure each nail gets an even and light layer of the spray. However, using cooking coil spray can moisture your cuticles. Butter oil sprays can not dry your nails, so try avoiding them. Also, give your nails 1 or 2 minutes to dry before applying the sprays. 

how to dry nails fast

3. How to dry nails fast without water 

There are many ways of drying your nails without using water. Curing your nail polish with an air duster can give you a quick and satisfactory result. It is because the air is cold, compressed, and can shoot directly to your nails. 

Like other sprays, you have to maintain a minimum of half to one foot distance while spraying. Because the direct cold air from a close distance can harm your nails. Spray only over the fingertips, count from 1 to 3 while spraying. 

One more thing. Do not spray directly on the wet nails. The air dusters can not dry too wet polishes and can smudge your polish surface. Instead, wait for a couple of minutes before spraying. 

4. How to dry nails fast with cold water 

Do not be surprised by reading the heading. It is possible to dry your nails fast using cold water. For this method, you will just need a bow, cold water, and 4 or 5 ice cubes. 

how to dry nails fast

First of all, pour cold water in the bowl and make it half full. Add ice cubes in the cold water. Place your fingers inside the water and hold it there for 2 to 3 minutes. The ice water hardens your nails and makes the polish dry. 

Here is a thing. You must let your nails dry in the air for a minimum of 60 seconds before putting them inside the bowl. Why? It is because if you place your wet polished nails inside the water, your manicure will be ruined completely. 

5. Use a hairdryer for quick drying 

This is the most common and used hack for drying your nails real fast. For this technique, your hairdryer must have a cool air blowing function. 

First of all, plug your hairdryer in the nearest power socket and switch to the cold air setting. Now power on the dryer and run over your fingernails for 2 to 3 minutes. Your polish will be completely dry after that. 

While blowing the hairdryer, make sure to maintain a minimum of 12 inches distance. Also, keep the air setting as low as you can. Many of you can question why I am not recommending hot air. The reason is the warm air can smudge your nails and create bubbles. 

6. How to dry your nails fast with oil 

You can use various types of oil for fast drying. For example, baby oil, olive oil, etc. This method is as easy as water. 

Just drop a few drops of oil on your polish and sit for 2 to 3 minutes. After that, your nails will be hard and dry. The time depends on the thickness of your polish. The thinner your manicure is, the faster the polish will absorb the oil. 

This technique is fast and safe. The oil can moisturize your nails and skin, which is good for your nails’ health. 

How to make your nail polish dry faster and harder with quick drying products 

I have discussed 6 different methods to dry your nails faster. You can also do the same by using quick drying nail products. Here are some suggestions for you: 

✔ Many nail polish brands sell rapid speed or quick dry nail polishes. You can use them. The products are made by such elements that can dry within a couple of minutes. 

✔ After applying the last layer of your polish, use a glossy quick drying top coat. 

✔ Drying drops or setting sprays can also help you to dry your nails fast. After applying the polish, wait for 3 minutes. Then use a small portion of dry drops for quick drying. 

Now you know how to dry nails fast with the household items you have. So, try as many manicure and nail designs you want without worrying about the drying part.

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